What is Spirit Medicine?

Spirit Medicine is a blend of ancient shamanic practice with modern creative therapies, mindfulness, meditation, creative visualisation and naturopathy. Shamanism is a nature-based spiritual practice informed by the deep wisdom of First Nations cultures world-wide.

It’s said that modern theatre evolved out of the ceremonial dancing, singing, acting and story-telling that shamans and shamanic communities use for healing, spiritual connection and the sharing of spirit-wisdom. Spirit Medicine is a deeply creative approach to healing, counselling and spiritual mentoring that often appeals to artistic, open-minded, nature-loving people, especially those who have a natural gift for entering trance states.

The naturopathic element in Spirit Medicine is Omanisa’s version of naturopathy, a return to the nature-therapy principles naturopathy was originally founded on – natural whole-foods, herbal medicine, exercise, sunlight and fresh air, i.e. time spent outdoors in Nature.

Omanisa offers a range of Spirit Medicine classes, self-study modules and private consults. You are welcome to pick and choose, based on whichever services most appeal to you. Collectively, these services integrate to form Om’s Spiritual Coaching and Mentoring program, Spirit Medicine with Om.

Om offers a range of Spirit Medicine classes via Zoom.

These classes provide group discussion, meditation and practical training which enables clients and students to practise and build on skills learned during Private Consults and Self-Study Modules.
The Self-Study Modules teach the core principles of Spirit Medicine. Students can start anytime, and study at their own pace. They come with discount coupons/vouchers for Classes and Consults, and special Student-Only Offers.

“I can highly recommend Omanisa as a truly gifted healer who has made an enormous impact on my life. Omanisa is a treasure as she is deeply connected to Spirit and works to untangle the invisible and to repair what needs to be repaired. Best of all she always does this work compassionately, and gently. I am blessed to have found Omanisa. Do yourself a huge favour and contact her.”

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“My favourite drink at the moment is a squirt of “Awaken your Fire” in a glass of water. Whenever I’m being too much of a people-pleaser, I take some of this and the Aura Spray that comes with it. Still blows my mind that the spray has flower AND crystal essences in it! Over the past week, I’ve been doing the guided meditation that comes with this kit every day, and I finally feel like my sparkle is coming back!”

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