Social Media

Facebook Pages & SolTV

My original Facebook Page – mostly for services and products
My new one – focused primarily on modules and classes
SolTV is a new TV/video platform, a start-up I am honoured to be part of that provides emotional-welling wisdom from all around the world!

Discussion Groups

This is my original “Healing with Om” group, where discussion related to most of the modules takes place. This is also where we share our nature-photography and stories.
Learn more about Level Two Reality – the realm of aura colours, chakras and the energy field – Best for those who have a deck of my Aura Cards.
Come find out what the Crystal Library concept is all about and help us start a movement that honours our crystal friends. This group is the perfect compliment to Module 1 and 2.
Discord was set up by my daughter Mikiah as a discussion space related to our mutual oracle card and book set projects. Mikiah’s deck is “Geometric Dreaming”, mine is “Spirit Guides”.
Develop your psychic skills and self-awareness via the art of Dream Work. Share your dreams (anonymously if you wish), ask for help with translating them or helps others with theirs, and learn specific “Conscious Dreaming” skills.