Reading aura colours around the hands

When I sketch the aura, I use a full-body sketching format, rather than just the head and shoulders. This is a bit like pulling a seven card tarot layout, where each position in the layout has a different meaning, rather than choosing just one card and having no layout pattern at all. By using different body areas to represent different parts of a person’s life, I can cross-reference colours with positions for greater accuracy, just as the tarot reader cross-references tarot cards with positions in the tarot spread.

For me, the area around the hands in an aura sketch and reading, represents a persons working life. This can include the career they pursue on the basis of passion, the job they endure out of necessity, their untapped career potentials, their earning power and their working environment. The hand area is still relevant when a person does not have formal paid work. For example, stay-at-home parents will display parenting or child colours around their hands, and volunteer workers will feature the charity colour, Generosity Green.

I’ve often thought of the hand area in the aura as representing what we do with our time and energy. Some of us are passionate about our jobs, while others work for financial security and find ‘passion outlets’ elsewhere. The lady who works in a bank during the day and spends every other spare moment riding horses might have animal colours show up around her hands rather than financial colours. And the man who works in an office all day but spends his afternoons and weekends in the garden may well have brown earthy hands rather than office-coloured hands.

The hands area can reflect our relationship with money and our earning power. Dark grey found around the hands can represent debt or holes in the financial pocket of our aura. This colour can also be present when we don’t feel as though we are being paid what we are worth, or when we feel trapped by our job. By comparison, colours like Gold and Abundance Green suggest a healthy pay packet and a fantastic sense of self-worth is being gained from the work at hand.

With the hands being related to the solar plexus chakra in the aura, self-worth is a common theme reflected by aura colours found around the hands. I’ve often noticed there is a strong link between a persons self-worth, their work, their job-title and their pay. Our work often provides us with a sense of purpose and meaning, a feeling that we are contributing somehow to the world around us and being valued by others.

It’s always interesting watching new healing students try to work out how much to charge. To some extent, the price they settle on reflects their confidence in their skills as well as their inherent sense of worth. Some of us need to feel worthy before we will accept that we deserve certain titles and pays- others of us seek prestigious titles and pays in order to feel worthy.

One of my favourite colours to find around the hands is Wholehearted Pink. People who wear this colour in this position love what they do and they do what they love. They love the idea of getting paid to do what they love. Others have a strong calling to be of service to others in a way that will bring both themselves and others joy.

I’ll never forget the intensive training program spirit put me through when teaching me how to recognise different careers using the aura colours around the hands. One of my favorites was green around the hands and brown up the length of the arms. Turns out the man was a tree lopper, which is probably why his arms looked like upside down trees! Spirit definitely has a sense of humour.

I wonder what colour you have around your hands? Mine would have writing colours (blue), healing colours, herbal colours and counselling colours, just to name a few. What are your passions? Are you living them? Do you love your job? Are you stimulated and challenged by it? Does it give back to you in a way that rewards you for what you put into it? Are you sinking you hands into the stuff of life and shaping it into the life you want to live?

I hope so. Life is so wonderfully precious, so rich, so full, such a multi-sensory delight. I hope you are inhaling it and being inspired by it, even if it is crazy sometimes, painful sometimes or perhaps even often. Remember to look for the beauty around you and within you. Focus on the beauty and it grows!

Blessed Be!


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  1. Reading this sent goosebumps all over my body! Thank you so much for writing this, it really resonated with me. Flying for me is very euphoric. I was alone, looking at the beautiful see of clouds and looked over to my hands. They were had a green aura emitting from them. To other passengers I must have looked insane, because for five minutes I stared at my hands fascinated. It went away after that but I will forever cherish that memory. You stated that green was the color of charity and I feel that my soul purpose in life is to save others.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it! People with green hands can be healers, helpers, volunteer workers, gardeners, environmentalists etc. Nature, healing and helping are three useful keywords for the healthy green aura. Those certainly are magic moments, those little windows into other ways of seeing. xx

  2. Interesting read! I was just looking in the mirror, having a conversation with myself/higher self as I often do (crazy as it may sound!) and afterwards I could see my hands glowing bright orange. I’ve never seen this before, what could it mean?

    • I don’t think that sounds crazy at all! Very sensible, really, building a connection/relationship with your self/higher self. First, just want to let you know that reading the aura is a rather subjective experience. We all ‘see’ through the filter of our own perception and associations. So what orange means to me what be quite different to the meaning it holds for you. But having said that, there is a really simple way to find some fairly universal agreement on colour meanings and that is to use the chakra system. Orange is the colour of the belly chakra, associated (for me at least) with things like childhood, the inner child, the parent/child relationship, reproduction/birth, and so on. So perhaps your conversation activated this chakra. When I see an orange aura, it can mean things like (depending on the shade and accompanying colours!) a good sense of humour, spontaneity, flow, adaptability, social connection, hope, playfulness, and so on. Sometimes, in healing, it can represent (or be used for) restoring balance and flow to the aura/energy field/body as a whole. My guess is that you are probably partly claircognisant, and well connected with your inner child… both of which may have been in use or active during your conversation.

  3. Someone(a clairvoyant) said that she can’t read my palm because black aura surrounds it. What do you think about this?

    • Hi Sasha,

      I think this is cruel, and lacking in integrity, because it risks giving you as the client an unnecessary fear that you are “bad” or “going to die” or that you are “sick”! Because essentially, these are the things the general public associates with the idea of a “black aura”. The reality is, she couldn’t read your palm, or didn’t want to, for whatever reason (off her game that day, feeling unwell herself, unable to read you, a lack of compatibility between you, or her just not liking you because you triggered some association that reminded her of someone from her past she didn’t like). It’s very unlikely that her “black aura” assessment actually reflects anything negative about who you are or your health, and its probably more likely to be about her as the reader. Keep in mind she is a palm reader, not an aura reader and that isn’t what you went to her for. Personally, if I found a black aura, it could have many different interpretations depending on the positioning and surrounding colours (an aura is never just one colour) and the exact shade of black. It could be the client is shielding (ie black as an ‘invisibility shield’ of sorts is a classic self-protection mechanism people use to maintain privacy.) It could be the client is convinced they are bad or afraid they are sick… this is itself could produce a blackness in the aura. As could having someone around you recently die, or having a gift for mediumship, or being a powerful natural psychic. Other causes for black in the aura are trauma, depression, or illness, but my point is, these aren’t the only causes for a black colour in the aura. I hope that helps! 🙂

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