Frangipani Flower essence

Frangipani flower essence is one of my favourites essences for dissolving tension in relationships. It tends to work best if I give it to both people in a relationship conflict. I’ve had really good results giving it to siblings who are at war with one another and also to parents and children who aren’t getting along with each other. It’s particularly appropriate when there are power struggles occurring between people. The particular frangipani I use to make my essence is ‘sunrise’ or ‘fruit salad’ frangipani. It contains visual frequencies of the following aura colours: Vulnerability Pink, Wholehearted Pink, Warmth Yellow and Compassion Orange. These are all heart chakra frequencies. If you are interested in flower essences, you might want to read my blog about a flower essence bush walk I did in April 2012

Om makes and sells her own flower essences and teaches the ‘no pick’ technique for making flower essences.