Sample Aura Card Reading

Possible interpretations for

Misfit Orange above the head (Crown Chakra position)

The major theme in this reading could be:

*Feeling misunderstood or not fitting in.

*Being rebellious in order to be your own person

*Refusing to conform to social expectations

*Not feeling accepted by others

Your Spirit Guides (or Angels, Higher Self, etc) are helping you with:

*Resolving misunderstandings

*Finding a sense of belonging

*Healing old wounds from childhood/teens to do with not fitting o=in or feeling accepted

*Finding ways to be true to yourself without alienating others

Repression Red around the head area (Brow Chakra)

*Intense, emotional, passionate thoughts

*Feeling emotionally repressed

*Inflamed thinking

*Repressed anger

(combining Misfit with Repression):

*Feeling angry about perceived rejection from others

*Wanting to rebel and express anger but holding back

*Composing yourself in spite of feeling uncomfortable and misunderstood.

*Repressing your natural self (thoughts/opinions/feelings) because you think other people won’t accept you.

Courage Orange in the Throat Chakra area:

(and taking colour combinations meanings into account)

*Having the courage to speak up (this counters the repressive nature of Repression Red)

*Speaking up with composure (holding back some of what you want to say)

*Facing your fears about not fitting in

*Allowing yourself to express some of your anger even if it is scary

Conflict Green around the ares (Heart Chakra):

*Going through some relationship challenges

*Relationship dynamics from the past are re-occurring

*Your old ‘I don’t fit in, people don’t like me’ wounds from the past (misfit orange) are being triggered

*You have the potential to bust through some old relationship patterns that aren’t healthy

Shaman Blue and Success Brown around hands (Solar Plexus):

*You are successfully meeting and overcoming challenges to do with self-worth

*You are successfully finding the gift in disguise in this situation (finding the silver lining)

*You might go through some work/money challenges but you will overcome them

*You would make a very good counsellor for others

Anxiety Yellow and Mother Blue around hips (Sacral Chakra):

*You could be subconsciously worried about your mother or a woman in your life

*You could be worried about your relationship with your mother or a woman in your life

*You could be replaying old fear-based patterns from your childhood relationship with your mother

*You might be worrying too much and feeling over-responsible about protecting other people or a person

*Address the fears of your inner child and parent her with love and firm boundaries

*You might be worried about becoming a mother/parent or not being able to become a mother/parent

*Be careful not to take on other peoples worries/fears and make them your own

Synchronicity Pink around legs (Base Chakra):

*Everything will work out fine in the end

*Don’t forget to believe in a bit of magic

*You don’t need to know exactly where you are going before you take the first step out of your comfort zones

*Have faith that you are always in the right place at the right time having the perfect experience for you
Omanisa is a naturopath, spiritual counsellor and healer who specialises in reading and healing the aura. To find out more about Omanisa and her work, check out her website.