Pass-it-on Green

This is an article I wrote many years ago. Thought I might share it again. Pass-it-on Green is a combination of Conflict Green, Resentment Green and Performance Green.

Revenge, curses, passing-the-blame, seeking retribution, family feuds. 

Such energy can be handed down through the generations like an inheritance. This colour can be stored within the energy field in a latent ‘sleeping state’ for long periods of time, only to be triggered by coming into contact with an ancestor of the ‘enemy’. Like a curse, the energy of retribution can be carried down through generations or lifetimes (passed) until an inheritor manages to resolve it. Each inheritor must choose between taking out retribution on the ancestors of the original enemy or overcoming the ‘curse’ by releasing its energy through themselves and thus releasing themselves from its hold. This release is a discharge of the emotional loading inherited on a psychic level from our ancestors or past selves and may involve reliving the original core emotions experienced when the colour was initially passed onto you or your family.

Being able to release and resolve these emotions and forgive releases you from the chain and sets both you and your children- indeed, your entire future ancestry – free of its deadly obligation. Taking on the ‘curse’ of pass-it-on green is much like taking on a contract; a responsibility that you must see through to the end. The core emotions drive you relentlessly to the degree that you give your life over to retribution. You become entrapped by this mesmerizing energy until you ‘pass it on’. But in passing it on you do not truly free yourself. You may do irreparable damage to yourself, your life and to others. By accepting the contract, you allow an ancient energy to go on snaking its way through generations, twisting, warping and destroying. An energy which becomes more volatile and disturbed the more readily it changes hands, pass-it-on green is like being handed a bomb – you can pass it on to another or you can diffuse it yourself and end the insanity.

Diffusing this energy (emotional response-ability) takes great emotional courage. For some of us the energy is one which has been carried sleeping and dormant within us over many lifetimes. Or it may be a family curse handed down through generations. Either way, it is an energy which belongs to the past. If it awakens in you, the past awakens in you and you become a potential means for old wounds to be replayed. All the old unresolved emotion from the pass-it-on event awakens in you. In effect you become a living rerun of the past, controlled by past events and emotions which have no grounding in the reality of here and now – unless, of course you become the anchor through which this energy can flow into the world. Remember choice. Remember what it is to be empowered by the power of choice. We need never be puppets if we so choose.

If you allow this ‘rerun’ full control over you and become swept up in the rage of vengeance, you are becoming a victim to the past. Taking on pass-it-on green and throwing it into high gear means stepping out of your own life and becoming a tool for meaningless violence; a vengeance which never ends, but weaves its way through time and generations like a living, breathing serpent of despair and destruction.

It is vital to stop and consider what it means to take on such a contract. It means sacrificing your own life. Do you understand? All of the beauty and the potential of your life put aside, perhaps for a very long time. And for what? Keep in mind that fulfilling the contract of vengeance can effectively entrap your family or future selves until someone has the courage to break the cycle. Fulfilling the contract is a self-curse which can haunt both you and your future kin for many, many lifetimes. As you pass-it-on, the victim, in some way (even via a future incarnation) will inevitably pass-it-back. This return of the energy reflects a contract you have both entered into with one another. By retaliating we are saying “yes, I will play this game. I’ll take on the contract you’ve offered me and I’ll hurt you back. Then you can hurt me back and we can keep passing it back and forwards indefinitely. We might even forget why we started but that doesn’t matter – so long as we have the game and the contract.” I often see the effects of this energy as auric entanglement – an entwining between yourself and another which is most unhealthy. Your aura is meant to be whole and complete within itself – never entangled with another. When you entangle with another, your threads pull you back to one another in lifetime after lifetime – with the old contracts and unresolved emotions held intact between you. Unpleasant I assure you.

Don’t pass it on. Deal with it now by taking responsibility for how you feel – for all your rage, grief and despair. Passing it back doesn’t really make it go away.

You may be asking – what about the ‘now’ event of retribution? What if I am experiencing that sort of emotion now in my life and I don’t think it is something I’ve pulled up from the past? Firstly, you are a soul with a larger history than you are aware of; I would be surprised if you haven’t encountered the emotion of vengeance at some stage in your travels. We are meant, after all, to explore every colour in the One Light. This means this it is most likely that you have some stored, unresolved vengeance energy within you already, just waiting for a juicy opportunity to rear its ugly head and have a bit of free expression in your life. Many events act as opportunities for us to release stored emotional energy. I call them triggers. If you experience an event which causes you to feel vengeful emotions, your store of past emotions of the same colour will resonate with this energy. The current emotion provides a channel along which old rivers can rerun. The old energy pushes up behind the new and mingles with it as it emerges, creating a stronger swell of emotion response within the individual than the trigger itself actually warrants. Emotional release in this way is a fantastic healing opportunity, so long as you are aware it is occurring and can manage it effectively. But if you declare war on your neighbour over petty incidents simply because you don’t recognize the dynamics at play, the emotional release can cause more harm than good.

It is a common response to attach the emotional release onto an external event, particularly the trigger itself, which may in some way be associated with the ‘enemy energy’. The person who has pass-it-on green awaken within them is advised to deal with the awakened energy without projecting the emotion outwards, blaming it on another or acting blindly on the awakened emotion. This involves a fairly intense inner crisis which may see a full range of emotions batter at them from the inside like a raging storm. They must remember that they are reliving the psychic memory of a pass-it-on trauma and these are never mild experiences to live through. A past self or ancestor may have been the victim of horrific acts which have deeply scarred your shared energy field. The rape and pillaging of an entire village for example, may be a ‘pass-it-on event’ which carries emotions such as terror, pain, anguish and rage. All of these emotions may be experienced in turn to varying degrees of intensity. And all of these emotions need to be heard to be healed. The past self, the ancestor. They all have a voice which needs to be heard and acknowledged so that they may be finally laid to rest. The past self who is anchored in to a past traumatic event needs to be released from the event (achieved via ‘hearing them’ and discharging the emotion) and reclaimed into your wholeness.

Breathing through the emotions is an effective and empowered response during emotional release. The breathing helps us to release the energy, whereas the tensed up ‘not breathing’ response common during such instances simply acts to hold the energy in place within. Not breathing and tensing up the muscles is a form of armouring around the emotional store – something we do because releasing or exposing the emotion makes us feel vulnerable and afraid. Massage is an obvious accompaniment for emotional release which works very well for some.

The release may also be assisted via expression. Old emotional stores can be released through activities such as sport and creative expression for example. We may safely release our rage onto a punching bag or through dancing or listening to loud music. We may access the sadness and grief through singing or drawing. There are many means and it is simply a matter of knowing yourself and finding what works for you.

Now. How to deal with current vengeance emotions. I’ve told you about the past stuff – what about the event that is right in front of you now? What of the event that demands retribution and ‘justice’? What of this energy inside you which screams for action? What of the rage which wants to tear apart the person or event which has damaged your life? This is never an easy energy to encounter or to know how to manage effectively. On one hand, we know that forgiveness sets us free. If you have ever truly forgiven you will know what I mean. Forgiveness is not something you give to another – it is a gift to your own soul which makes you feel like you could soar with the birds. We also know that forgiveness can be premature. Forgiveness is something that must come in its time, never forced and never before the immediate emotions have been addressed. Premature forgiveness can be a pathetic alternative to vengence and blame. Forgiveness is just the state we come to when we have finished with something. Premature forgiveness is a false bandaid which can prevent us from protecting ourselves from future harm, addressing the situation in a satisfactory manner and learning from the situation. When we discuss ‘no vengeance’ we do not mean ‘no action’. It is important to be assertive and to be firm with others in what behaviour we will tolerate and what behaviour we will not. It is more loving to say “No” to a behaviour which does neither yourself nor the other any good at all. It is not loving to allow another to abuse us in a manner which dishonours both them and us. Tough Love says “That behaviour does not reflect Who You Really Are – I know you are more than this and I will not play these games.”

We may need to take steps to protect ourselves from further harm. We may even decide that we need to fight for certain freedoms and rights. But this is different from vengeance. Vengeance thinks of nothing more than returning the blows so that the enemy may feel the very pain it has inflicted. Assertiveness and self-respect may see us fighting back for a very different reason. We may fight back to ensure that such acts are not repeated on us or our children. We may fight back to assert that we cannot and will not be made victim to terror and fear. Most certainly, there is a distinction. Vengeance is blind – it has no higher agenda. I think it important to explore the concept of cosmic justice for yourself when exploring the colour of vengeance. I will not say it exists (that is for each to decide for themselves) but I do believe that someday, in at least one incarnation – the oppressor will experience this same event (as victim) for themselves. We have to explore ALL the colours from ALL angles.

So my advice on encountering any situation which engages your energies of vengeance is to deal with your emotions as they arise via safe and responsible emotional release so that you may address the true issue at hand without an emotional haze over your eyes. Every situation has potentials for good and bad. Every situation can be used as a gift to grow – no matter how dark it appears. To act in such a manner that you are able to dance those gifts to life amidst despair and destruction is the sign of a true spiritual warrior. Fight the good fight. Walk the path with a heart and let your heart speak with its strength.
Omanisa is a naturopath, spiritual counsellor and healer who specialises in reading and healing the aura. To find out more about Omanisa and her work, check out her website.