The Art of Holding in Healing

Today during a healing class, one of my students was the healer in the second healing for the day. In some ways this can be challenging, because the first healer and healing sets a mood or a standard, and the instinct most of us have is to match that mood or standard, when in reality, a different client usually requires a completely different approach. The first healing during class today was dynamic. The healer talked us through the healing and the imagery was beautiful. There was a pace and a flow, almost like the feeling you get when a person ‘doesn’t skip a beat’.

I was aware, as an observer, that the second healer was unsettled during her turn. This wasn’t a dynamic healing, it was a nurturing healing, full of holding, with a much slower pace. We can’t force dynamisim! And it isn’t always what is needed. It must have seemed like an anticlimax to the healer but she was providing exactly what was needed for the client. I was really proud of the healer because I knew she was unsettled by the sense that nothing much was happening, but she stayed focused and did the work. Every time the healer asked Spirit what the client needed, she was told ‘rest’.

Given that the client needed rest, the ‘holding’ technique used by the healer was perfect. What is holding? Holding is as simple as it sounds- you simply hold a part of the client’s body in your hands. And it is this holding that provides the healing, more so than any energy that passes through the healer’s hands, or anything the healer might say. Holding is a bit like a hug, but it’s softer, lighter, more supportive. It’s the feeling of being provided with support. Like wind beneath your wings. A hand that is there for you, a hand you can let go into.

Holding is perfect when a client needs stillness and peace. It’s also ideal in a situation where a client needs very gentle nurturing and reassurance. So many of us don’t experience enough loving touch in our society. The sense of being held can make you feel that you aren’t alone- it’s comforting. After the healing, I was really delighted to hear the client giving feedback that was reassuring for the healer. I don’t remember the clients exact words, but she said something like “Thank you that was exactly what I needed. It felt so good just to be held! I loved it when you put your hands under my shoulders and then on my feet and my hips. It was so nurturing. I do need to rest and it isn’t easy for me.”

I think this is a good reminder that healing can be as simple as holding. Stillness is just as vital to our health as movement, and each healing has it’s own rhythm and mood that needs to be honoured.
Omanisa is a naturopath, spiritual counsellor and healer who specialises in reading and healing the aura. To find out more about Omanisa and her work, check out her website.

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  1. The other thing that strikes me when reading this story is the fact the second healer trusted her instincts and continued to conduct the healing in line with the client’s needs. She was able to work through her own doubts without affecting the flow of the healing she delivered.

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