Mini Aura Expo

The Mini Aura Expo today went really well and we all had a wonderful time. Throughout the afternoon, people moved around amongst groups, giving and receiving. It was quite a relaxed, organic process. There were about eleven of us, with two healing tables erected and three tables set up for readings. We spent 30 min introducing ourselves and establishing what each person most wanted to get out of the day. This included working out who the healers were going to be and whether they wanted to do team healing, or to blend healing and readings together. 

Bronny and Adrienne both wanted to blend healing with readings, so we paired them up and gave them a client to work with. They started by doing a full seven card spread with the Aura Cards. This gave the client a different way of looking at a situation that had been unsettling her and she found this very valuable. Then they moved to one of the healing tables, with Bronny and Adrienne working together to give the healing.

On the other table, we had a team of healers working together. Team healing is where more than one healer is giving healing at the same time. It can be quite challenging if you’ve never done this before, as you need to stay aware of the other healers and work together without getting in each others way. It can also be quite an incredible experience to receive from two or more healers! Once the team of three healers had given healing to a client, they then took turns on the table themselves.

Jenny did a few healings where she then took the client and did an aura sketch and reading for them afterwards. She just makes a few marks on the page with the chalks and then fills the rest of the page with writing about the healing, along with messages from Spirit. Jenny explained to use later that she finds this helps her clarify the healing and she also gets new information coming through as well. It’s wonderful for the client because they get a visual reminder of the healing and reading to take home with them.

Another project we worked on was story-telling with the Aura Cards. We had a group of about 5 or 6 people around a table. We shuffled the Aura Card deck and divided it up between us. Then one person would start to tell a story, flipping over one card at a time to prompt ideas. I always start with ‘once upon a time’ to get myself and others into the spirit of story-telling. Then when one person’s section of the story seems complete, or they run out of ideas, the next person takes over and continues the story using the cards in their deck.

There was an amazing moment during this game where one person sat back with her eyes wide and choked up a little, because she realised she was talking about herself and her own situation. She had an ‘aha!’ moment and was able to see something about herself more clearly. This is the wonderful thing about storytelling using the cards- you accidentally tap into your subconscious, intuition, deeper wisdom… whatever you want to call it, all in the name of playing a light-hearted game.

At times the story-telling was hilarious. Derek in particular has a wicked sense of humour and had us in stitches. Aura Card story-telling is something we will play with more during the Aura Card Reading workshop. It’s an excellent way to learn how to bypass your conscious (self-conscious) mind, and tap into something deeper without feeling as though you are under pressure to perform as a reader. It doesn’t take much to slide from this game-playing process over into a genuine reading.

At the end of the day we all shared what we enjoyed most about the day, and had some discussions about healing. Everyone loved the story-telling and the general consensus was that the two really important things everyone got out of the day were:

1- Simply being there! How wonderful to be part of such a magical afternoon. As one person said, the energy in the room was palpable, and when she had to step outside to go to the toilet, the world ‘out there’ was completely different to the world we had created together in the room. We all really enjoyed reconnecting with our healing, with colour and with like-minded others.

2- Watching each other heal. At times it was mesmerising. We learned so much from watching the way other people work and this gave us ideas for our own healing approach. Adrienne watched me create a ball of light while healing Linda and later, she used the same approach with her own client. Derek marvelled at Tracey’s healing, because, as he so eloquently put it, she really did look as though she was ‘the conductor of an orchestra’, her beautiful hands flowing gracefully over and around the client.

We all agreed it was a successful day and it would be lovely to meet again. There were a few people whose presence was sorely missed! I’m hoping to organise this kind of gathering on a more regular basis.

Blessed Be

Omanisa is a Naturopath, spiritual counsellor and healer who specialises in reading and healing the aura. To find out more about Omanisa and her work, check out her website.