The Mermaid

This morning I saw something unusual cross my awareness, just for a fraction of a second. I think the neighbours car made a sound that blended with bird-song and a gate closing….. all fairly innocent on their own but somehow the combination of sounds created for me a very powerful hallucination. That fraction of a second might have gone unnoticed were it to flit by in the brain of an average person; a little background noise in the subconscious that most people wouldn’t notice. But in my brain, with my training, that fraction of a second slowed down and expanded. It grabbed my attention and pulled me in.

A mermaid? The image was so powerful, so vibrantly rich with sensory intensity that I did a double take, stopping still in my steps. It was a sound like water shimmering with a muted clarion-like call, a voice under water. A compelling voice. The sound was her essence. The image of her seemed to be created by the sound, a vision of beauty composed by humming water rippling over and around her in dreamy slow motion. Hidden inside this sensuous movement I could feel a power that snapped and crackled. She was mesmerising and a bit scary all at the same time!

I hesitated briefly. She did seem a bit scary but in my line of work, you learn not to let that throw you. It would have been such a waste to pass on such a powerfully evocative sensory experience and it would have been rude not to say hello. She had, after all, gone to all the trouble of making her presence felt, so I turned to face her and made a connection.

This invitation to enter my space was all she needed. The next thing I knew, she was right beside me, reaching into the back of my heart chakra, pulling my own hands in through the front, guiding my hands to feel what she was feeling with her hands. I could feel a shell inside my heart chakra, a spiralling shell. She kept making me run my fingers around the spirals, as though searching for something. A section of shell magnified and I felt our fingers honing in.

We had found a latch. We lifted it and rays of light energy came out, with tiny threads or energy lines scattered throughout. It was golden, with a peachy orange background hue. As beautiful as it was, I knew this energy wasn’t the focus of our attention. We went deeper in, towards the left and found a heavy, velvety darkness. The surface was soft, like a rock covered in cloth. We lifted it out carefully, almost reverently. We opened the cloth and lifted the rock away, removing it and clearing it away from my energy field.

Underneath was a small screw. I was about to take it away when I realised the screw had been used to scratch words on the inside of a section of shell. The mermaid seemed pleased, explaining that the removal of the screw was irrelevant if I did not also remove the ‘writing on the wall’ on the inside of the shell. Past experiences flashed through my mind, memories of training where I had been taught to remove contracts and read them before helping the client rewrite them. I wondered if this was a similar process.

I ran my fingers along the scratches on the inside of the shell. I knew it was conditioning of some kind that I needed to shift and that it might help if I could ‘read’ the conditioning in order to let it go. I set the intent and let my fingers read for me. The first words that entered my mind were “I don’t need anybody else’s help”. Then “I can do it all by myself.” I start to rub the scratches, hoping to erase them by re-smoothing the surface of the shell. The mermaid gave me the screw, guiding my fingers again, holding the screw with me and showing me how to squeeze and mould it into a different shape and consistency.

Then she helped me rub this substance over the scratches on the shell and the scratches began to disappear. She sang as we worked and I felt different in my heart; I felt a warmth spreading through it as though an old coldness, a poison, a pain, a hardness…. were disappearing. I had not known this feeling was even there until it started to shift and dissolve. We polished the shell, making it gleam with mother-of-pearl radiance. The substance in my hands had become a white cloth. The mermaid kissed me on the forehead and departed, leaving me rubbing the beautiful spiralling shell in my heart with a soft white cloth.

Omanisa is a spiritual healer, counsellor and naturopath. For more information about her and the work she dies, visit her website