The ‘Washer Woman’ spirit guide


The rich world of mythological characterisation and story-telling in spiritual and psychic healing/counselling is a playful, creative and effective tool best utilised by clients who are intelligent abstract thinkers able to discern the difference between symbolism/metaphor and literal fact. These clients embrace story-telling in the spirit it is meant, suspending disbelief long enough for the subconscious to make good use of the material, without taking anything too seriously or losing their grounded connection with consensus reality. 

I painted this last night, using water colours and ink. The washer woman is a spirit guide I have met once or twice over the years while doing aura sketches. She runs an informal orphanage in England in the 1700’s, using income from her ‘laundromat’ to raise the supplies she needs to support the children she takes in. Those she helps who survive into adulthood also provide her with financial backing. The Washer Woman also helps young women and children who get pregnant too young, out of wedlock or on the streets (eg prostitution/rape). She takes these women/children in and helps them get back on their feet. Sometimes this means assisting with abortion, even though she does everything she can to avoid this outcome.

As a spirit guide, the Washer Woman works with women and children. She loves helping young families and new parents cope with the stresses of parenthood, often coming into the aura during early pregnancy when there are difficult emotional challenges to deal with and ambivalence about the relationship continuing and/or the baby being born.

The Washer Woman is  wise woman (psychic/healer) with a gift for reading blood stains on sheets. She is called upon to assess the future of a relationship after first bedding, advising the woman in particular on the best way to proceed in order to bring the relationship to it’s most beneficial blossoming. Reading blood stains she can see whether a bedding was loving or violent. She can also read menstrual blood stains and advise a woman on her health, her future, and her personality strengths and weaknesses.