Understanding Aura Colours – BOUNDARIES BLUE

Boundaries Blue provides the aura with a firm, smooth surface that cannot be ‘hooked into’ by threads or protrusions sent out from other auric fields. When the defining line between ourselves and others is clear, we can ‘see people coming a mile off’, almost as though looking out from a higher vantage point. Visually, Boundaries Blue is smooth and tends to shape itself into walls, bubbles and shield-like shapes around the aura.

Our personal boundaries protect and define us. Other people need to know what and where our personal boundaries are so that they can make  informed decisions about how to engage with us. In some instances, a person can be accused of violating boundaries they never knew existed  because those boundaries were never verbalised and made clearly visible in the first place. Each individual has a responsibility to establish and maintain their personal boundaries in the face of other people’s emotions, opinions and needs. If we do not do this, we risk losing our sense of self.

If we disrespect ourselves by setting no boundaries at all in order to be liked, we can find ourselves being taken advantage of. Other people may like how they can use us, but do they really value us as people? We cannot please everyone and frankly, the cost of attempting to do so will always be too high. We need to be able to say ‘no’ and be assertive even if this means risking rejection and disapproval from others. At the end of the day, the most important approval we receive is from ourselves and we cannot get that if we betray ourselves by allowing our personal boundaries to be violated.

Sometimes the boundaries we set are for ourselves, rather than other people. Boundaries Blue can appear in the aura when we are setting new boundaries for ourselves in order to change bad habits into healthier ones. Boundaries help us say ‘no’ to self-indulgence and old habits, closing a door on unwanted behaviours that might drag us backwards. As we assert our new behaviours, self-discipline becomes easier and we develop greater self-respect. Changing behaviours may necessitate changing friendships and the dynamics in relationships because old behaviours are often tangled up with the activities we share with others.

Boundaries Blue is a highly positive colour, but it can be challenging to master because boundaries need to flex and adapt to the circumstances at hand. It is not appropriate to be constantly armoured up as though waging a never-ending battle, but neither is it appropriate to remain constantly open, exposed and trusting, as though no one will ever do you any harm. Healthy boundaries open and close to varying degrees depending on the situation, like a flower responding to sunlight and touch. And personal boundaries change as we change, growing with us as we grow.

When we are first learning how to be assertive, we tend to swing either side of assertive, moving back and forth between aggressive and passive behaviours until we learn to balance the two. If you have Red colours combined with Boundaries Blue you may be getting a little too forceful with with your ‘no’ messages. Where possible, make sure you state your case calmly without blaming, accusing or being nasty. The word no can be delivered with dignity and gentleness, even if it has to be repeated or the volume raised a little if the first attempt goes unheard. Boundaries Blue teaches us to defend our personal boundaries without attacking or violating the rights of others.

We can stabilise wobbly Boundaries Blue with therapeutic doses of Freedom Blue. Boundaries Blue can be combined with Strength Red and Aesthetic Green to strengthen boundaries in people who wear too much Insecurity Yellow, Sensitivity Blue, Compassion Orange, Depression Grey or Vulnerability Pink. Unhealthy, overly rigid boundaries are represented by colours such as Detachment Blue, Defensive Purple and Conservative Brown. If you wish to set new boundaries for yourself to help you break bad habits, combine Boundaries Blue with Aesthetic Green, Clarity Yellow and Rebellion Brown.

This colour profile is an excerpt from Omanisa’s book Aura Colour Therapy, available from BLURB for overseas customers, or direct from the website for Australian customers. This book is available in both print and e-book formats. BLURB’s e-book is text only, whilst the e-book on the site is a full-colour expanded version. 

The entire Aura Colour Therapy Kit includes a deck of 88 Aura Cards, which can be ordered from Om’s website.

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