Mistletoe between Docker & Uluru


On the road between Docker and Uluru, I found Amyema miquelii, a red, ‘dancing’ mistletoe. When I was making it up, I was surprised how quickly it responded and plugged into my energy field. On this trip, I didn’t have the luxury of bonding for hours with each flower. I had to be quick and efficient, much like this flower, with the information stored in my body/subconscious and accessed at a later date.

“I am a power plant, helping you draw lost energy and power back in through the back of your chakras. I do this quickly and efficiently, but oh so smoothly, with grace. As I draw your energy back in, I filter out of the impurities and unnecessary clutter. I enhance the speed and efficiency of chakra processing, especially in the Solar, Heart and Throat chakras. “

“Like a boomerang, I make sure the round is completed and that the energy you put out is returned to you. I help you reduce energy wastage. You can do this by coming into your centre and moving with ease and flow. I teach how to multi-task without losing centre. I teach efficient use and application of energy, helping you discern when it is best to delegate and share tasks with others and when it it would be better to work alone.”

“My energy reaches into the nervous system, travelling along its branches and stopping to untangle energy knots associated with physical pain, so you can let go and find relief. I help you find the calm centre of relaxation, showing you how to rest your nervous system and senses even when there is internal unrest, or a lot of activity and stimulation occurring around you. At the same time, I get stagnant energy moving so that it doesn’t further congest, thereby avoiding blockages, dysfunction and pain.”

“I enhance suppleness and flexibility in the joints and muscles, making me a very useful ally for dancers and yoga practitioners. I am a dancing energy, and I have a special place in my heart for the dancers of the world, whatever their form might be. If you are a person of power, I will teach you how to find your power dance.”

“I am energising, but over time, those who connect with me will learn how to balance high energy levels with patience and relaxation. I will show you how to drop excess/tense energy out of the Ananda Kanda centre or High Heart (upper chest between heart and throat chakra), down into the Solar Plexus chakra (upper abodmen). This grounding movement calms the nervous system, reducing anxiety and over-excitement. From here, energy can be channelled into the mental aura (nervous system), where it can be stored and accessed at a later date. This is preferable to dispersing or wasting energy before it has a chance to build, consolidate and mature.”

“I have, hidden within me, a purple energy like amethyst. If you can tune into this higher part of my frequency, you will be able to access my teachings about slowing your perception to capture and be aware of more. Some of you might refer to this as ‘being more present’.”

Blessings, OM