Daisy Bush at Areyonga


Areyonga was a power place for me; the mountains reached out and connected with me, spoke with me. I haven’t seen a more beautiful place and it was delicious to be nestled so closely between two mountains. The echo was incredible. What I thought were two dogs barking at each other turned out to be one dog barking at himself.

I found two special flowers here, both within metres of one another, a fuchsia and a daisy. This was the first daisy I’d found on the trip and I’d really been looking forwards to connecting with daisy, so it was a magical moment for me. I’d headed in off the road, letting spirit guide my steps, drawn towards some mistletoe. As I stepped up to the tree I realised it wasn’t in flower, but when I looked down, right in front of me was this magnificent daisy bush.

Daisy spoke to me mostly in images and feelings, with the odd word thrown in.  I had to work with this medicine three times before I really grasped its purpose.


“I will teach you joy and simplicity without naivety. You have a choice: you can focus on the dark or the light, it is up to you. Fear makes you lose your centre. I will help you regroup and re-gather, stocking you up with positive energy. Do you see my light? I will illuminate you. This store of positive energy will help you face dark times with equanimity, with the right balance of seriousness and joy. There is always a ray of light. Appreciate it but don’t get lost in it.”

Daisy showed me a vision of threads…. they reminded me of spiders silk in sunlight. I knew these represented ‘thought lines’ or ‘thought patterns’, being lit up or illuminated by daisy. We have these thought patterns in our body. When they are simple and clean and filled with light, the energy between the base chakra and the high heart flows clearly. It showed me an image of the base chakra as a ruby.


Again I see the lines of yellow light shimmering in the sun, like a net. I can feel how this flower medicine relieves worries and brings clarity by simplifying the issues at hand. I could feel daisy bringing light into my body as it constantly repeated the message “I am illuminating you.”

It worked quite deeply, removing a splinter from my heart chakra on the right hand side. Afterwards, I felt as though I could breathe easier and felt more ready to face life’s challenges. I realised I was overcoming self-doubt and letting go of all the excuses I had for why I couldn’t move forwards.

Daisy helps us do the things we’d love to do, if only we weren’t so afraid, especially of failure. Daisy brings peace of mind and helps us to be honest with ourselves about why we are making the choices we are making.

I could feel daisy clearing channels in my body along which light flows, breaking me free from frozen states, illuminating my hopes and fears and helping to set me free from my own anxieties.


This connection was the most powerful, with daisy speaking very clearly to me:

“I will illuminate you. I will light up your depths and help you realise what you are capable of. I will open you to new ways of seeing yourself. I will motivate you with joy and delight. What is holding you back? Don’t let it!”

I realised that each time we had connected, daisy had entered directly into my heart chakra, making it feel warm and open. Its energy feels like liquid sunlight rolling through you, like a haze of sleepy summer bliss rolling lazily through open fields, caressing butterfly wings open and connecting flowers (chakras?) with sunlight. It enters via the heart chakra and slowly works it’s way down, resolving old wounds and reshaping you, clearing you all the way down to your base chakra. It then strengthens the grounding connection in the body so the solar plexus and heart chakras can access grounding, revitalising energy from the base chakra. It was amazing to feel all these channels open up and the flood of energising base chakra energy rise up into my heart, filling it with motivation and enthusiam and then spilling upwards to nudge my throat chakra, asking for expression.

This is a flower that unfreezes us and slowly but surely treats depression and fear, in a deep and profound manner.

You can order this remedy in the shop, or, if you are a person of power, simply focus on the flower and breathe in!