My nature spirit teachers – part 2

Gumnut, Button Flower, and Crow

After the mistletoe left, gum nut came in. I was surprised because it wasn’t the flower, just the greenish young nut, before it dies and turns into a nut. Normally, it’s the flower that connects with me.

I felt the gumnut energy opening and closing inside me, releasing tension and dispersing congested energy, shifting energy from one area to another.  Then gumnut focused in on my mini-chakras (or lobes) in my organs and cells, clearing the pathways that run between these chakra networks.

It had a lovely silver-green energy that felt so cleansing and restorative. When I really listened, i could feel it toning, revitalising and restoring the tiny airsacs (alveoli) and nerves in my lungs. Then the the focus expanded and I became aware of the strengthening action shifting into the connection or relationship between the lungs and the small intestine.

I loved the alive, vibrant feeling it gave me in the front of my sacral chakra- so refreshing! I noticed it seemed to be very effective therapeutically on the structural part of this chakra, as well as on the vertical central column between navel and throat.

Very briefly, almost like a bridge running between gumnut and crow, one of the button flowers showed up. It opened me up inside, countering contraction and making me feel roomier.

Into this entered crow. Crow talked to me about facing fear. It picked at a carcass by the side of the road and pulled out an eyeball, indicating for me to follow her. Then she put the eyeball in the sky and said “Wirra Wirra” I don’t know what this means.

I saw/felt sparks of light, a dance of electricity, streamers of light all around and within me.

Crow anchored my hands into this energy, almost like it was some kind of guide rope I was following by touch, into the dark, and again bade me follow. At some point I felt hands all over me left side, moulding and reshaping me, along with a pain in my solar region. The hands were moving me around in circles.

Somehow I found myself crawling on hands and knees, with a great pressure on the back of my sacrum, pushing me down into the mud. The pressing down feeling moved upwards to the back of my head, so that my face was being pushed into the mud. I head a song and a buzzing behind my left ear. Rainbows appeared under me, as though the mud had transformed, and I felt like I was flying or floating, elevated on the rainbow light.

A very strong vision of a rainbow bird with magnificent feathers filled my senses. It was larger than life, almost as though it was a mythological creature, rather than an everyday one. He danced in front me and tapped a gold place at the front of my right shoulder-chest-armpit. Then he merged with me.

I saw crow swallowing the eyeball and pooping it out. There were eyes everywhere, especially on the back of his/my head.