Aura colours and the body

The relationship between aura colours and body state

When I refer to ‘body state’ I mean a specific blend of behaviours, personality traits and physical conditions. For example, an impatient body state exhibits impatient behaviour, impatient personality traits and impatient physiology. ‘Impatient physiology’ might seem like a strange concept at fist glance, but your body most definitely enters into a specific physiological state whenever you experience impatience. If you were to change from feeling impatience to feeling acceptance, your entire state of being would alter, including your physiological status. Acceptance is generally much calmer than impatience, with more level, slower breathing, much less muscle tension, less stress biochemicals, and a quieter nervous system.  

An ‘impatient person’ who stays in an impatient body state out of habit tends towards chronic imbalances, simply because the impatience state becomes dominant and blocks out other states of being that could lend balance to the organism as a whole. At first, the impatient body state may be attractive because it enables a faster mode of functioning and can provide a ‘buzz’ of energy that is exciting and stimulating. After a while, if used to excess, it can become an addiction or habit that is more comfortable and familiar than other body states.

There are two basic perceptions available when considering the relationship between a body state and its matching auric colour. Firstly, there is the idea that aura colours are caused by specific body states. Second is the idea that aura colours cause specific body states. Both are correct because aura colours and the body (physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually) are one and the same, or continuous with one another. One leads into the other and visa versa like a circle looping back in on itself.

This is a more holistic view of reality and can be an unfamiliar way of thinking to those of us influenced by the current mainstream mechanistic, linear, reductionist ways of thinking and perceiving. Mainstream thinking tends to see mind, body, emotion and spirit (although the presence or existence of spirit itself is also hotly debated) as being quite separate, distinct entities that are in no way connected one with the other. Each tends to be diagnosed and treated independent of the other.

From my perspective, aura colours reflect or are evidence of, specific body states. For example, Impatience Red in the aura is caused by impatient feelings, attitudes and behaviours, along with the physical manifestation of impatience in terms of muscle tension, breathing patterns, blood pressure, biochemistry, neural patterns and so on. This state of being culminates in the auric frequency I refer to as Impatience Red.

Auric colour frequencies can also be considered causative or therapeutic agents whose presence in the aura stimulate specific states of being. In the example used above, Impatience Red can be removed from the aura by a healer to reduce the negative effects of impatience throughout the entire being on spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels. Impatience Red speeds up physiological function, creating tension which tends to become frustrated and pent up because it feels held back. This can drive up blood pressure, increase breathing rates and lock up body muscles, especially those in the neck, jaw and upper shoulders.

In some instances, Impatience Red can be a therapeutic colour, used to rouse people in apathetic states. Whilst adding more Impatience Red to a highly stimulated aura can be counterproductive, adding it to a lethargic aura can on the very odd occasional be helpful, much like injecting a rush of adrenaline into the blood stream can be beneficial in some medical situations.