My Rainbow Journey

Many years ago I made a rare visit to a psychic for a wonderful reading that still seems relevant to my life in so many ways. I remember her saying “You are studying a degree in order to attain qualifications after your name so you will be taken seriously, but your real training is being provided by your spirit guides”. At the time of the reading I was studying naturopathy and I had no idea I would be working alongside this lady six months later doing my own readings for people.

Now a qualified naturopath, ninety percent of my work with clients is indeed based on the training I receive from my spirit guides. My business is word of mouth and most clients come to me because they know me as ‘The spiritual naturopath’. The bulk of my clients come for healing or an aura sketch and reading, sometimes referred to as ‘that thing you do with the colours’. Both services are centred around my ability to read and understand the colours of the human energy field, often referred to as ‘aura colours’.

During an aura sketch and reading, I use coloured chalk on paper to map the positioning of aura colours around the entire body. This ‘map of colours’ helps me understand my clients so I can guide them through the current challenges they may be facing in their lives. My strongest psychic ability is ‘clairsentience’ or empathy, so I tend to feel the colours first, and these feelings paint colour images for me in my mind.

In my chalk box I have over one hundred colours, all with different meanings. Each chalk can then be cross-referenced with a position in the aura and combined with other colours to create further divisions of meaning. The meanings reflect on issues such as personality traits, patterns of life experience, attitudes and beliefs, relationship dynamics, emotions, philosophical wisdom, and spiritual insights. I often refer to my colour system as a form of ‘spiritual psychology’.

My spirituality is nature-based, so a lot of my colour meanings are based on nature-wisdom. For example, many of my brown colour meanings are based on insights gained from rocks, mountains and earth, and many of my red colour meanings are based on a study of fire, heat and volcanos. Nature has patterns which can be observed and learned from in practical and spiritual ways. In learning about red, I might watch fire, reflect on its properties, have a ‘conversation’ with fire or imagine becoming fire, all the while listening to what my guides are teaching me about it at the time.

I love writing, so a lot of my information comes through in a written format. When I write, inspired information pours through me as though I’m simply taking dictation. Writing is one of my favorite ways to communicate with Spirit for my own personal growth. I have many, many journals filled with written conversations with Spirit and many loose leaf essays on the meaning and uses of specific colours.

I also learn constantly ‘on the job’. Every new healing or sketch is a new training session, with both my guides and the client themselves providing new insights into specific colours and colour combinations.

I work a lot with colour therapy, teaching clients to visualize and breathe colours in to remedy imbalances, or providing gemflower essences to support positive shifts in the colours of the energy field. Gemflower essences are a combination of gem elixirs and flower essences. I make all of my own essences and my therapeutic use of them is purely based on colour. I know what frequency of light the client needs and I can use a range of different essences to create this ‘frequency in a bottle’.

During healing, I sometimes ‘sing the healing’. Even when I’m singing, I’m still working with colour because I’m using my voice to adjust colour frequencies in the energy field. Specific tones relate to specific colours, so singing a tone can strengthen a weak colour and tone over-zealous colours down. Moving my voice around in a melodic fashion enables me to shift colours around in the field and rebalance the patterning of the aura itself.

We all have a story about how life has shaped us into the person we have become. I was blessed with being born into an incredibly creative family who nurtured my love of art, nature, healing and spirituality. When I look back over the landscape of my life, I see rainbows weaving their way through so many events, experiences and influences, it’s not really suprising that colours are my way of understanding life, the universe and everything.

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