Black and Grey Colours in the Aura


This is a excerpt from my book Aura Colour Therapy:


Personally, I quite like black. It can be very magical, mystical and peaceful. Unfortunately, my clients do not feel the same way about it. Using black during an aura sketch makes people panic. They start to think things like “Oh my God, I’m going to die!” or “I knew it! My aura is black because I’m such a terrible person”. Scaring people isn’t helpful so I’ve had to be sneaky about including black in my colour system without making it obvious.

Instead of using black, I use dark colours such as Conservative Brown, Midnight Blue, Repression Red, Caregiver Green, Resentment Green, Blame Orange, and the two grey colours Hardship Grey and Depression Grey. Artists often take the same approach; rather than using pure black, which can overpower a painting, they mix dark colours to create an ‘almost black’.

As per the artists’ approach to creating black, the dark colours I use to represent black in the aura can be thought of as a heavy density of colour, rather than an absence of colour. When too many colours are mixed together, the result can be a dark colour that blocks out light, swallows light, or casts shadows over adjacent colours.

This may sound ominous but dark colours do have a constructive role to play in the aura. They develop in response to life’s hardships, in much the same way that calluses develop on skin in response to hard work. Dark colours help mature the aura, making the personality more resilient. This helps us cope better with the challenges and hardships of life, and can offer us a little dignified composure.

Black can also be thought of as an absence of colour and this is the philosophical approach I take when using grey. Grey drains colour from the aura, rather than adding to it. This muting of colour can be positive because it tones down excessive extroversion and energy output. But in many instances, it can indeed be considered negative because it robs the aura of life and vibrancy.

Balanced Grey:

Realistic, introspective, reflective, humble, quiet, disciplined.

Excessive Grey:

Depressed, pessimistic, hardened, drained, exhausted, unfeeling, cruel.

Blocked Grey:

Extroverted, optimistic, energetic, expressive, vibrant, colourful.