Looking forwards, looking back

Exploring my Floragenic Roots


Have you been home recently? There is some amazing research taking place on Earth at the moment in the Floragenics department. Our ability to communicate with plant life is undertaking some interesting twists and turns, with new mind-technology techniques being developed by Dr Seran Coba and his team in Central Australia.

Our home planet will always have a special place in my heart. Look around you at the sunsets; whether you are watching them from land or sky stations, they are simply stunning. No other planet has such a beautiful sky.  Our biofields here on Earth protect ancient habitats, rather than recreating articifical copies of these habitats. I know the replicated environments are beautiful on Mars, and a great credit to their designers, but they don’t have the ancient wisdom our protected Earth habitats contain.

I visitied the Central Australian biofeild last week while researching family history during a period of homestay. My journey began in North Carolina where I was meditating with the Floragenics Spirit Branch. This group of researchers are making great new discoveries about the shared psychic genetics shared between plants and humans. During meditation, a flower spirit reached out to speak with me. It told me it knew one of my ancestors, a lady who also worked with plants, and suggested I might benefit from learning more about her.

It took me a while to track back through the family history records, but I did find her. Her name was Omanisa Ross and she was a nature doctor, with shamanic roots. Her grandmother, Anne Urban, was a tech doctor with a social conscience, living in Australia not long after the racial conflicts. Anne made a big difference to the welfare of blind and deaf indigenous children, at a time when indigenous welfare was neglected.

Anne began working with flowers after she retired, doing much to raise the profile of now endangered species throughout Central Australia. Her granddaughter Omanisa continued this work and was part of the ‘awakening planet’ movement in the early 2000’s, where so many people started giving the intellgience of nature a voice.

This period of time in our history coincided with new breakthroughs in neuroscience and mindscience, with meditation-awareness becoming globally widespread. Omanisa, along with other spirit-voicers like Doreen Virtue, made themselves available as channels for Earth consciousness.

And didn’t that cause a stir?! Here we were focusing on finding intelligent life in space when the intelligent life was all around us! The wave of communicated intelligence reached a peak in 2060, when the Tech Guild amalgamated with the Psych Guild to create the first devices that could detect and measure the communication interface between human’s and the rest of nature.

I was so excited to know one of my ancestors had been part of this revolution that I became engrossed with learning more about the Plantspirit Foundation that Omanisa helped establish in Central Australia.  The Centralian Plantspirit Floragenics team welcomed me with open arms and we gained a lot from our mutual sharing of latest research.

The genetic spirit-biology interface is yeilding new pearls, with the latest research suggesting a unique energetic lock and key mechanism exists between humans and plants. We’re discovering damaged portals in the feild around humans cells are responding to the presence of specific plants, especially when these plants are wildplants rather than designerplants.

The wildplant spirits are telling us that repairing the damaged portals will further enhance our interspecies ability to communicate and they are working together with human researchers to develop new mindtech methods which will enhance the healing and enable it to be delivered en-mass. The new techniques combine meditation with acusound-pressure and tonal irrigation of the frontal lobe.

Artcile written for Florgenics News by Dala Geehan, MFT