Magical Creature

I recently spoke with a Hippogriff, a few days after purchasing a book about mythical creatures. My husband noticed the book and asked, “So does it have a griffin in it?”, without knowing anything about my hippogriff experience. I explained the difference between a griffin and a hippogriff.

“A griffin is part lion, part bird: the head and wings or a bird, body and tail of a lion. A hippogriff, is half griffin, half horse. The lion’s body is replaced with a horse’s body.”

Somehow, the conversation went from here to how my spirit guide Tomas is probably a hippogriff because he often appears as a horse or an eagle. I myself am more griffin because I’m a Leo. My husband, is a griffin too, because he’s panther-kite energy. So I was then inspired to sketch this whistling panteragriff.

This is what whistling panteragriff’s help people with (told by my husband, it sounds better, because it’s full of sweeping arm gestures and very good sound effects.):

“Whistling Pantergriff’s help us with communication and stealth. Panthergriff’s are like spies who go into a situation with great stealth to find information and then they communicate that information to one another using whistling sounds.”

I got the impression the whistling was code, but my husband was also making gestures that implied the communication between the panteragriffs was telepathic.

I’m going to talk to the panteragriff myself, to see if I can get more information…

The creature rubs his head on the ground and ruffles his feathers:

“I help people stay calm in crisis situations without getting their feathers ruffled. I help people identify exactly what the most important issues are, so they can focus on these issues without being distracted. I encourage people to ask themselves ‘What needs to be done? What constructive, effective action can I take?’ and to think these options through carefully before choosing the most efficient plan of action. Then I help them execute their plan with precision.

It helps to always be scanning the horizon carefully with one eye, in case something changes and you have new information to work with. It is important to fly straight and true to the core of the issue without wasting time and energy, but we also need to stay flexible enough to change our heading mid-flight.

I am good animal-medicine for procrastination, uncertainty, worry and obsequiousness. I encourage you to side step the machinations of others. Do not be manipulated by other people’s expectations. You are here to be you. Get on with that task.”

So make sure you call on this creature whenever you need help with any of the following:

*Navigating your way skilfully through a series of obstacles

*Performing quickly and efficiently in a crisis situation, with no fuss

*Meeting tight deadlines

*Resolving procrastination, indecision and inefficiency

*Paperwork, mathematics, financial puzzles

*Independence, staying free from manipulation

*Good decision making under pressure