Chakra Lobes and the energy field

When working as a psychic healer, you are constantly making discoveries about the anatomy and physiology of the energy field. A few years ago I discovered that chakras have lobes. Each lobe is like a little mini-chakra, contained within the wholeness of the main chakra. Chakras contain many lobes. As far as I can tell, the energy field is a creative zone, constantly shaping and reforming itself in response to the personality of the client and the environment around it, so I wouldn’t say there are necessarily set numbers of lobes in each chakra.

Sometimes a lobe will develop and project out of the main body of the chakra when a person is developing a new skill. They seem to help reflect specialised functions governed by the main chakra. When working with lobes, I have to zoom in with my attention, almost as though I am magnifying that portion of the chakra.

Sometimes lobes can get blocked. When you hold the palm of your hand flat over a chakra you can feel the energy coming from the chakra. This is a spinning sensation on your hand, because energy comes out of the chakra in a spiralling fashion. If a chakra is completely blocked, you wont feel anything. If a lobe is blocked, you might notice a ‘blip’ in the spin sensation, as though a portion of the spin is missing. Or it might feel like the spin isn’t perfectly round, as though there is a bump or a dip in a small portion of the spin. Another way you might sense a blocked lobe is if a small part of the spin seems faster than the rest of it.

If any of these things happen, reach one hand inside the chakra, and use the other to feel for the external contours of the chakra. This is the same kind of hand positioning you would use if you were creating a pot on a spinning potters wheel. Feel around inside the chakra. If there is a blocked lobe, you might find the inner surface of the main chakra body isn’t completely smooth and circular. Instead, you might notice a hump or a strange pocket-like structure. This is a blocked or partially collapsed lobe. Bring your hand up to the very top of the chakra and see if you can find the opening.

At this point, it can help to magnify or ‘zoom in’. In a way, you forget about the main chakra body and focus your attention solely on the lobe, as though it is the only chakra that exists in this space. Use one hand to feel for the external contours, as you did with the main body, and use your other hand to coax the chakra lips into opening up. You might need to very gently squeeze out a blockage from deeper inside. This would feel a bit like getting a rock out of the finger of a glove by squeezing the glove from the outside, just under the blockage. Remember to be gentle and patient. And don’t forget you can talk to chakras (and their lobes). You can ask why it is blocked, and you can also ask what needs to be done to unblock it. The answer might come in words, feelings, pictures or a sudden knowing.

It’s a good idea to talk to blocked chakra lobes because they might have a very reasonable explanation for shutting themselves down. In most instances it will seem logical but the reasoning will be flawed and still constitutes an imbalance. Usually you can negotiate with the chakra to find a happy solution. In other instances you won’t be able to find a workable solution, or it might actually be time for that lobe to reintegrate and dissolve back into the main body of the chakra.

Also, it’s important not to force an opening. We don’t want to act like a bull in a china shop, barging our way in and demanding a certain kind of functioning. Not only is this rude, it can also be confusing and possibly even damaging. Thankfully, the energy field is resilient. It can also be very stubborn. Push it around and it will turn its back on you and shut itself up even more tightly. As healers, we need to be building a relationship of trust with the field.

I personally find it kind of reassuring knowing the field will put itself right back the way it wants to be once my back is turned- it’s hard to accidently do any real damage. Most of the time the movements we make in the field are suggestions… we are showing, role-modelling and demonstrating, rather than forcing change. If we are polite and convincing, the energy field might just take us up on our suggestions!

A useful remedy for collapsed chakra lobes is my globe flower remedy combined with spinifex flower essence, both of which I will blog about very soon!