Phaleria Flower Spirit

Phaleria clerodendrum

Scented Daphne


Small Tree: 6m, sometimes more.

Leaves: Dark glossy green, opposite, up to 18″ long

Flowers: Numerous clusters of tubular flowers growing directly out of the trunk and branches. The sepals are white to cream and up to 4 cm long. Said by some to be ‘pineapple scented’ or ‘coconut scented’.

Seeds: Fleshy, red, egg-shaped fruits. Fruit eating birds relish the glossy fruit. The flesh of the fruit is stringy and reputed to be poisonous to humans.

Habitat: Rainforest, Arhnem Land.

Om’s Notes:

This small tree flowers when there is thunder/electricity in the air! The scent is one of the most incredible smells I’ve come across: rich, multilayered…leaving the air thick with a waft of scent that travels quite far on the breeze. The fruits are quite large…. between egg and tennis ball size from memory. Companion animal: Cassowary

Cauliflory is a botanical term referring to plants which flower and fruit from their main stems or woody trunks rather than from new growth and shoots. This can allow trees to be pollinated or have their seeds dispersed by animals which cannot climb or fly.

Spirit Medicine Uses:

*Stepping out of comfort zones and facing ones fears.

*Excellent when feeling trapped in a corner with limited options.

*Helps you see multiple solutions to a problem

*Reduces performance anxiety

*Gets people unstuck when they are procrastinating and going round in circles, or stuck in old behaviours.

Poisonous plant cautions for people making flower essences:

Some plants are not safe for human consumption. If in doubt:

*Just place the bowl of water near the plant and ask that the deva of the plant to transfer the healthy vibrations of that flower to the water.