Being a Clear Channel

 Channeling Healing Energy

In healing, we say we are ‘channeling healing energy’, from the Source (source of Universal Energy ie ‘God’), to the recipient of the healing. This is a bit like being a hose or a pipe for energy to run through, or you could also think of yourself as being a delivery person, passing something on from one place or person, to another.


Many healers talk about the bliss of being in connection with this wonderful energy and about the idea that we, as the healer, receive just as much as we are giving. Healers have expertise in the practice of connecting with ‘God’ or with high quality energetic frequencies or states of being and then sharing this connection, frequency or state with others. A high quality state assists with high quality healing. Being able to consistently maintain a top quality state of being is an expertise that develops gradually as the healer’s self-awareness grows. Meditation, as a job, enriches our lives in many ways!

Being a clear channel…..


Other healers talk about becoming a ‘clear channel’. A clear channel is a really clean pipe, or a delivery person who delivers the package very efficiently in good condition! So what makes for a messy pipe or delivery? The general consensus is that our own personal issues, behaviour and intentions can colour the delivery of this beautiful energy and perhaps make it less beautiful.


I personally choose to have faith in the intelligence of the energy we access as healers and to believe that ‘God’ and/or spirit guides are helping to ensure a high quality of delivery in spite of our sometimes ‘messy pipes’. On the other hand, I also believe that the quality of energy available to a healer can be influenced by the healer’s personal ‘state’. For example, giving a healing whilst drunk or under the influence of a drug could negatively affect our ability to access a good quality healing state and diminish the quality of our delivery. Giving healing whilst angry or exhausted and giving a healing with the intent to ‘fix’ what we don’t like about another person without their consent could also have negative consequences.


Healers who believe in the idea of being ‘clear channels’ wonder how much healing actually gets past the needs of our own personal issues? They are of the opinion that healers who work on resolving their personal issues are able to flow a better quality and perhaps quantity of top quality healing energy through to other people. Healers who look after their physical, emotional, spiritual, creative, social and psychological health have fewer problems that require healing so more energy is available for the client. It’s fairly likely that a clear-headed healthy person is going to pass a better quality and quantity of healing through than someone who is exhausted, hung-over or drug-affected.


Top quality healing is synonymous with top quality states of being. You are allowed to be human and please don’t not heal another person because you have some kind of problem, but use your discretion and judge what is appropriate when. Look after yourself, because you are the pipe or delivery vehicle for the healing energy you are passing on to other people. I personally think looking after my body and my state of being is a very important part of my job and I feel I have a responsibility towards my clients to ‘keep my channels clear’ as much as possible without being pedantic about it. The clearer my channels, the happier I become and the easier it is to maintain a lifestyle that aligns with my higher values. In some ways, you could think of a ‘clear channel’ as being like a good signal on a radio station without any static.


Not getting in your own way…..


The concept of being a ‘clear channel’ is also about not getting in the way of the healing energy flowing through you. You can ‘get in the way’ by:


*Over-intellectualising the healing process


If you over-intellectualise, you won’t be in tune with your intuition and you can miss cues from the energy that guides you, such as when to move your hands and when to stop. When we think too much, we second-guess ourselves, rather than listening to our instincts. Instincts can sometimes be wiser than the conscious mind- especially when dealing with the magical, mystical world of healing!


*Focusing on your own personal issues and feelings


Likewise, focusing on your own personal issues means you are distracted from the process and not in tune with what is unfolding before you. It’s a bit like not really listening to someone when they are telling you a story. Not only is staying present with the client and the healing energy good manners, it will will help you develop your psychic senses.


*Trying to force or over-direct the healing energy


Healing can be a very creative process, but if you try to force or over-direct the energy, it won’t flow so easily or beautifully and this can reduce the quality of the healing. Healing is a bit like dancing- sometimes we follow, sometimes we lead. Or perhaps like a conversation, sometimes we listen, sometimes we speak. Good quality healing involves a degree of surrender and a willingness to let go and let God, rather than control everything.


*Becoming too self-important.


If I start thinking I know what’s best for another person or that it’s all up to me ‘save’ someone, or to heal everybody, I’m becoming too self-important. I need to let go and let God again. Self-importance might save us from feeling insignificant or helpless, but the flip side of the coin is a feeling of being burdened. Healing stops being fun for everyone concerned when the healer starts acting like a martyr or playing God. When I get like this I have to remind myself “I don’t have all the answers and it isn’t All Up To Me.”