Clear Action Flower Essence




Tiny, white, four-petalled flower with yellow centre geometrically divided into four parts by a cross.


Clarity. Focus. ‘Do it Now’. Completion. Emotional Honesty.


Possible symptoms due to energy imbalance:

Procrastination. Leaving it until tomorrow. Getting distracted. Mentally scattered. Dithering. Impractical. Being ‘up there with the fairies’. Disorganised. Poor time management and budgeting. Unclear on priorities. Avoidance. Vagueness. Poor memory. Indecisive. A sense of being ‘unmoored and off target’. Denial. Delay tactics. Elusive endings.

Potential following transformation:

Completion of tasks. Tackling issues and projects as they arise rather than putting them off til later. Thoroughness. Mental discernment. Focus. Finesse. Alertness. Attention to detail. Clear priorities. Constructive, practical thought and action. Planning ahead. Stability. Alignment. Able to address confronting issues, difficult tasks. Emotional honesty. Culmination. Endings.


When we are aware we are avoiding something. Dizziness. Clumsiness. Vague changeable symptoms. Poor memory. For use as a mental tonic. Students. Exams. For learning difficulties and attention deficit.


Clear Action is a strong, direct essence which cuts to the chase and helps us get things done. It can be invaluable during times of intense activity where there is much to be achieved and little time to do it in. I would like to explore its potential for use in learning problems and attention deficit in combination with soak the dawn, most likely. These two remedies are complimentary in theory, though this combination is yet to be trialed by anyone.

Please be aware of the ’emotional honesty’ aspect to this remedy. By nature, this essence won’t allow us to hide from our emotional issues or lie to ourselves or others about how we feel, simply because such behaviour is messy and clutters up the energy field. When it comes into the ‘in tray’, Clear Action directs us to ‘do it now’. Much of our emotional health has to do with acknowledging and expressing how we feel when we feel it. Emotions often create blockages within when they are put on hold and not allowed to flow through to resolution. While making up this remedy I received the message: “It is in denial that there is a lack of resolution” Keep this in mind when choosing this remedy, as the emotional honesty can be a little disconcerting if you are used to suppressing your emotions and avoiding confrontation. If there is anything you have been putting off, anything unresolved….be prepared to deal with it. It isn’t all bad- there is a wonderful sense of release which comes when we finally deal with these things and say what needs to be said, do what needs to be done.

Note: I’ve found I can temper the effects of blunt emotional honesty by combining this essence with frangipani!

I also suspect this flower enhances our courage. 

(This is a Northern Australian Native Flower)