Passive and Active uses of Psychic Ability

Passive psychic ability is used to read and understand energy information. Psychic intention is the ability to ‘write and convey’ energy information. Together, the active and passive aspects of psychic ability are like a conversation. When using the passive ability, its as though you are ‘listening’. When you are using the active ability, it as though you are speaking.

For example, if you were to send a telepathic message, you would be using psychic intent. If you were the person receiving the telepathic message, you would be using psychic perception. We could even call it ‘psychic reception’.

What is Psychic Perception?

Psychic perception is the ability to perceive energy or the non-physical, using extra-sensory perception. You can’t literally touch and feel the energy field with your physical hands or see it with your physical eyes, but you can perceive this intangible world of energy with more subtle senses. These senses are part of your energy field and because every part of you is connected, the information from these senses can be relayed to your physical body. In other words, your energy field can sense the energy of another person and then translate this into a language your physical senses can understand.

There are many ways to perceive energy and your unique style is usually based on your personality, communication strengths and how you naturally think and process information. More emotionally sensitive people tend to ‘feel’ energy, visual people like artists might be more likely to ‘see’ energy, whereas thinkers might be more likely to experience the energy information in the form of a dialogue. There are multiple common psychic modes of perception and we all have each one of them, but we are naturally stronger in some than others.

Once you can recognise your own unique way of using and combining your natural strengths, you can gradually bring these skills under conscious control by developing the mental discipline needed to direct the psychic mind to pay attention, do what it’s told and not wander off by falling asleep or daydreaming. Developing mental discipline is vital to the work of a healer and it can be gradually achieved over time through regular healing, meditation and psychic self-care practices.

What is Psychic Intention?

Psychic Intention is a phrase I use to describe the active use of psychic ability to communicate on a psychic (energy-based) level. When we are perceiving energy using psychic perception, we are using the passive aspect of psychic ability. Perception is more like listening, watching or feeling. Intention is more like talking, drawing pictures and touching. Can you see the difference? So when I’m communicating on a psychic level with a spirit guide, I might wait for spirit to take the initiative and contact me, in which case I’m being passive like a quiet person on a telephone line waiting for the other person to speak, or a blank piece of paper waiting to be drawn upon.

Once I have received energy information communicated to me in the form of images, words, sounds, feelings and so on, I might decide I need more information in order to clarify the message. At this point, I switch from passive ‘listening’ to active ‘speaking’. Or from perception to intention.

When using psychic intention, I’m communicating with spirit or the energy field by actively imagining specific images, words, feelings and so on. In effect, by creating words, images and feelings with my imagination while I focus on the spirit or the energy field, I am projecting my intended communication.

In the physical realm, we communicate through physical mediums such as the written or spoken word, visual gestures and images, touch and so on. In the psychic realm, we communicate using imagination.

Lets look at an example. If I were communicating with a chakra, I would focus on the chakra with my full attention and wait with a very blank, still mind for visual images, words, sounds and sensations to enter my mind. This is part of the reason why mental discipline is so important to the psychic- you simply can’t pay attention to what is being communicated in the form of energy information if you can’t keep your mind still and open. An undisciplined mind gets distracted by external stimulation and internal material rising up from the depths of the psyche. A disciplined mind not only knows how to be still, it also knows itself well enough to recognise the difference between its own ‘stuff’ and genuine energy information from spirit and the field.

Lets say the chakra communicated with me using a visual image of dark greenish-brown, a sick feeling in my tummy and a twisted up feeling in my head. I would then hold that communication off to one side and flick through the files of my own personal experiences and colour associations to find something that would match. In this instance, I would probably come up with two possibilities. One would be the emotion of resentment as an energy stored in the chakra. The other would be advanced cancer being treated strong medications affecting the functioning of the chakra. In order to clarify which ones was accurate, I would hold each possibility in my mind as a picture, words and feelings as though I were asking the question ‘is it this, or this?’ and then switch to the passive mode and quietly wait for a response. Usually, I would receive the response as I held each consecutive option in my imagination. For example, as I held up the resentment option, I would pause and listen. The response I receive might be a feeling of rightness, the word yes! and the sound of celebration or a buzzer ringing as though I had correctly guessed the right answer on a quiz show. Alternatively, I might get a feeling as though I want to shake my head and frown, I might hear a sigh or see a big visual cross though the image I’m holding in my mind as though its being crossed out because its incorrect.


  1. I think we all have the ability to ‘see’ beyond time and space but as you so rightly say, its about cutting out the mental clutter so you have the ability to receive. To be very focused and open at the same time seems to be the secret.

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