RED KURRAJONG – Flower essence

Brachiciton paradoxum


Description- Flowers grow directly from branches of small straggly tree after all leaves have dropped. Red, bell-shaped in clusters on very short stalks in old leaf axils. Flowers Jun-Oct.


Possible symptoms due to energy imbalance:

Exasperation. Frustration. Impatience. Easy pushed off centre. Reactive. Taking things on, taking it personally, getting too involved. Being offended, getting angry or upset about other people, situations. Feeling harassed and set upon. Conflict. Impasse. Tendency to give up and blame the ‘other’ or take over responsibility for the situation completely. Loosing sight of the bigger picture. Competing with team members. Wanting to run away.

Potential following transformation:

Composure. Staying centred. Standing your ground. Resilience. Patience. Discernment..(what is my role/responsibility what is not?) Tolerance. Firm boundaries. Teamwork problem solving. Keeping your perspective. Strength. Healing and releasing pain.



Pain. Bleeding. Weakness of structure / function. Auto-immune diseases. Fatigue. Menstrual problems. Bloating. Addictions. Any ongoing conflict between parties. Use in courtroom, legal proceedings, meetings, workplace conflicts. Mediators. Negotiators. Counsellors.


Use for Grounding. Strengthens the etheral and auric structure. Helps heal sacral, base and heart chakras. Has a grounding energy. Helps you move beyond a ‘revolving pattern’ esp where the issue is one carried over from a past life.


Kurrajong is the first remedy I made with Mhyrlyn in 1998. If I mix remedies, I often use kurrajong as the base remedy (the one I put in first) because it provides a firm platform for the following essences to rest upon. As an archetypal essence, Kurrajong is the wise grandfather elder- its energy mediates beautifully between the ‘younger’ essences, helping them to work harmoniously together as a balanced unit, towards a common purpose. Kurrajong tends to have a tempering effect upon the other essences, ensuring that their interaction with us balanced and practical. For example, in combination with Turkey-bush, Kurrajong prevents us from becoming over-enthusiastic and exhausting ourselves with activity, especially activity which is unproductive.

Kurrajong teaches us how to say ‘no’ gracefully without feeling guilty, to resist offering simply because we ‘ought to’, so we can avoid over-committing our time and energy. It is important to know our limitations and honour them. It is important not to over-extend our energies. With Kurrajong, we find ourselves reclaiming precious time and energy and reinvesting them into real priorities. We do not need to be everything for everyone…indeed, we simply cannot do this and achieve our own personal long term goals at the same time. What are your priorities? Where is your energy invested? Is it focussed or scattered? Who does it serve? Where are your boundaries? What are your limits? Are you able to say no?

Often, we can become overly involved with energies around us when this is inappropriate. We can find ourselves getting caught up in office politics, or niggling over who should be doing what, who is not doing what and so on. We find ourselves getting emotionally involved when it simply is not our issue and we would be better served to stay objective. Kurrajong helps us step back into our own role and play it without trying to take over the roles and responsibilities of others around us. This can be invaluable in a work situation and Kurrajong is highly suited to workplace situations and group orientated activities. What is your role? What are your responsibilities…what are not?

Physically, I have used Kurrajong to boost immunity, combining it with other remedies to target specific body systems or body areas (eg with turkey bush for respiratory infection) There is application here for auto-immune diseases where the body is being over-reactive and failing to discern friend from foe….where aspects of the immune system are getting a wee bit confused over whose job it is to do what, where there is in-fighting….I guess auto-immune diseases are similar to civil war and workplace conflict. Fighting one other is self-destructive on any level.

I’ve also used this essence effectively to provide support for clients who are going through legal battles. Kurrajong helps us keep our head clear and stay focused on the real issues, while also giving us the energy to endure a stressful situation. In fact, Kurrajong can be used in any situation where we need to stay put and handle what is happening here and now, when all we feel like doing is running away. For example it can be used when we need to stay in a job long enough to get long service leave, or in study long enough to finish a degree.