Repairing and Restringing energy lines

The structural energy field is made up of a network of cross-hatched threads or lines that resemble a fishing net, but on individual layers, you will tend to only perceive some of the energy lines rather than all of the energy lines. Personally, I am most experienced in working with vertical energy lines. I tend to think of the horizontal line-work as being one big spiral that coils around the body and I work with this part of the energy field less frequently and in a completely different way.


The structural energy field itself has varying layers or levels and I’m sure I only have a vague insight into this anatomy. I think of there being the main external shell that sits about an inch above the body but I also ‘see’ energy lines forming the walls of internal structures such as organs and blood vessels. You could most liken all of these lines to muscles in the physical body but that’s only a loose association. Energy lines are like muscles in the energy field because they provide tone, support and structure to the energy field.

Then there are energy lines that seem to sit ‘deeper’ in the field or the body, whose primary function is more to do with conveying energy from one part of the field to another. All energy lines convey energy and provide structure to varying degrees, but some are more for one purpose than the other. These ‘channeling’ energy lines differ to primarily structural ones in that they can often be temporary and unique to the individual, whereas structural lines are usually found in the same place in most people. In other parts of this text, you will hear me refer to these energy lines as channels or channels or energy and the larger they become, the less they resemble standard energy lines.


Energy lines come in varying shapes and sizes, but the most common, run-of-the-mill energy lines resemble a cotton or nylon thread with a little elasticity and stretch. Healthy energy lines are ‘strung’ adjacent to one another with the evenness of the strings on a guitar and a shared quality of tone and length.


When a thread has lost tone, it seems thinner, limp and stretched out too long in relation to surrounding threads. I have two clichéd images to convey this idea- the first is of an older, haggard and bony person who has lived life in the fast lane and not eaten enough food! The second image is of an elastic hair tie or any elastic for that matter (I’m thinking of floppy underwear now!) that has lost its stretch. Both of these images are probably quite appropriate because I’m pretty sure that tonal loss occurs due to stress and sustained over-contraction of energy lines. You can’t do much with these threads when they have completely lost tone- these are damaged and usually need to be replaced, but with milder tonal loss, you can sometimes breathe life back into them by re-infusing them with light.


Healthy threads are translucent in colour with an almost imperceptible glow. Unhealthy energy lines change colour and take on unhealthy looking hues such as murky greens, greys and even black when they are badly decayed. I’m not sure what causes an energy lines to become decayed but I’d guess it would have something to do with the quality of the energy frequencies running through that part of the field. I’d imagine resentment, despair, despondency and hatred could most certainly damage energy lines! I was thinking for a moment then about anger and remembered that energy lines can burn-out or short-circuit with intense emotions, especially rage, and this may be another cause of the blackened threads I sometimes find in the field. Blackened threads are way beyond rehabilitation and have to be replaced! On the odd occasion a black thread can be considered toxic material, but they are often simply inactive or ‘dead’.


To remove a decayed or damaged thread, make sure both ends are detached properly from the body and lifts away along the path of least resistance. It can often be easier to work with these lines using the points of crystals as they tend to be quite fine like silk, because they are shriveled and ‘dehydrated’ of energy. Offer the damaged threads up to the light for rehabilitation or recycling and wait until they are taken- (it help to visualize them going into the light!). Then wait patiently and expectantly with faith for the new thread to be provided by the light. The new threads will positively glow in comparison and they have a delightful, almost tingly, life-filled feeling to them. I always feel so honoured to be allowed to handle them and I take great care with them, because they seem almost to be ‘the stuff of life’ in some ways.


I usually restring with a crystal point or my fingertips, depending on what my guidance tells me. Lifting each thread one at a time (mine tend to arrive on a surgical tray!), I first attach one end at the point of origin attachment point into the body or field and then I stretch it out and attach the other end. My guidance shows my how to go about this process and I always listen very carefully because it is often fine and thoroughly enjoyable work and I know I must take care. I recently restrung the feet on a gentleman with flat feet who had chronic pain. The work was immensely enjoyable, perhaps because it required a high level of concentration and precision and it gave me a happy feeling I could re-access for quite a few weeks before the natural high was replaced by other simple delights in life. When he came back a month later his feet were still flat but all the pain was gone and I simply rechecked the work, made small adjustments and proceeded to work on a different level and area of the field to ensure that the feet are being properly supported by the rest of the body.


Another month later and this client told said “It might be my imagination, but I think I have a little bit more arch in my feet!” On examination, I’d have to say I agreed with him; they no longer were entirely flat. My guidance then taught me a new technique they called ‘tenting’. Vertical energy lines attached to the centre of each horozontal energy line running through the arches were hoisted upwards just so slightly, creating a little more upwards pressure and tone in the energy lines of the arches. I also saw/felt images of many tiny, layered triangles and could feel myself adjusting how all the triangles were aligned with one another.


Frayed lines aren’t too much of a problem and I won’t go looking for them independent of more serious problems such as damage. Damaged lines will often have close adjacent lines that are partially damaged and others that are frayed. First I tend to any lines that need replacing, then I turn my attention to damaged lines and lastly, I check for frayed lines because frayed lines in areas of existing damage are most definitely a liability! This kind of work is preventative for the most part, but it makes sense to do a good job while you are in the vicinity and make sure everything is functioning well.


Lines can become broken and damaged due to severe stress and trauma on physical, mental and emotional levels. My guidance is telling me right now that spiritual stress and trauma doesn’t damage energy lines. Something about them being on different levels of reality. Anyway, back to our conversation! Broken lines have breaks in them, either tearing away at points of origin or insertion (either end where they are attached to the field) or breaking midway along the shaft. Most of the time, these lines can be repaired without them needing to be removed and replaced. Simple reattachment can be done with fingertips, psychic or crystal tools and of course, visualization with focus of will or intent. Ends can be reinserted into points of origin/insertion and breaks along the shafts can be repaired by rejoining the broken ends and ‘glueing’ them back together with energy, visualization of them being joined and whole etc. I tend to hold the ends together and surround the joined area with light; I guess when I think about it, it almost feels like using the light as sticky-tape or as though it were a cast over a broken bone. Its not that difficult really, when you hold threads back into their correct positions, the ‘re-take’ very easily for the most part, unless they are too damaged or have lost tone.


A client who came for treatment of pain and low energy levels associated with treatment of and recovery from cancer, had some structural energy work done during his second session. For his first session, his wife drove him to the appointment and helped him onto and off from the healing table. I removed an enormous amount of toxic material from the sacral chakra and lower digestive system. He had an unpleasant healing crisis after this with a lot of digestive muck clearing out through the bowels but after day three felt much better.


For the second session he drove himself and got onto and off the table on his own without help. The sacral chakra was clear and required no further cleansing. Instead, spirit guided me to ‘restring the field’ in this part of his body. My guides asked me to use a laser quartz crystal and a scepter wand. Occasionally during the healing, I would scratch one or the other against the suface of a citrine or blue lace agate crystal to seed the tip of the working crystal these specific colour frequencies. I call this ‘scraping’ and think of it as being like dipping a paint brush into a paint pot to pick up a particular colour for painting.


Spirit showed me how to hook the crystal tip into the end of the broken vertical lines in his upper torso and uncoil them slowly and gently until I reached the broken end of the vertical line in the hip area. In this instance, the entire sacral region was devoid of vertical lines, as though there were a gaping hole in his middle. The threads had broken around the hip area and the upper portions had rolled up and contracted into the region just below the solar plexus. I was shown how to use the scepter wand to feed energy into these coiled sections of thread so that they would loosen and limber up enough to be re-stretched and re-strung. Without the energy from the scepter wand, it was as though this coiled portion of the thread was too brittle, thin and stiff to be reworked. I was also shown a technique where I could turn the wand on its side and slowly unroll multiple threads at the same time. Once the thread ends were unraveled and in line with the hip/buttock area, I was able to use a wand tip to reinsert them into their waiting counterparts and rejoin them.


During restringing work, you sometimes need to check how well the area you are rethreading is integrating in with the rest of the body. You may need to make adjustments to the tension in the threads.


Tight lines can eventually lead to loss of tone and loss of tone can lead to tangles and knots. Tangles in a line or amongst adjacent energy lines disturb energy function in that part of the field, resulting in and reflecting tension and stress. In effect, a tangle or knot functions as an energy block. If you could imagine for a moment, stress causing lines to repeatedly tense and contract, and then throw in a few damaged lines during severe stress, then you can also imagine how the loose lines could get tangled up amongst the others to create a knot. Knots disturb energy flow and can become quite uncomfortable, especially when lines are in contraction.


To unpick a knot, as with real-life knots, the trick is to look for a loose end and push it back through the tunnels of knotting until it all comes loose. Energy knots are strange, because sometimes all it takes is to find the right thread and touch it and the entire knot will suddenly undo itself in a flash of light or unfold by itself in a beautifully poetic slow-motion dance. If you can’t find the magic-key-thread, simply unpick with enormous focus and attention to detail and the end result will of course be the same. Any broken fibers need to be replaced, with special attention paid to tonal quality through surrounding threads.


There are times when a knot is so badly tangled the only solution is to cut the entire knot away, but I only do this when guided to do so by spirit. After removing the knot, spirit will hand me replacement energy lines to restring through the part of the aura.