Brown People (Aura)

In Balance

Brown people in balance are practical people who know how to get things done without rushing or taking unnecessary risks. They are reliable people who tend to be fairly consistent in everything they do. When they start something, they usually finish it unless it becomes obvious that the expense of continuing outweighs the benefits of finishing. They will tend to back away reluctantly though- because they don’t like to think that the time, energy and resources they have put in will have gone to waste. Pragmatic as they are, the most balanced among them will still be able to see what they have gained from any failed venture & consider it a valued learning experience. These people are excellent at being able to weigh things up sensibly & logically. Brown people are usually loyal friends who are unlikely to let you down, though they may initially take some time to warm to you. They want to know that you will also be a loyal and reliable friend so the most sensible among them take the time to decide if you are trustworthy of true and lasting friendship.

Lacking Brown

The qualities of a person lacking brown vary according to which other colour is most strong for them. A red person lacking brown will be impatient, pushy & quick to temper. They flare up too quickly & have a tendency to leap before they look. Quick to action, these people need to learn how to slow down and pace themselves. An orange person lacking brown can seem lost, unmoored & homeless. These are the eternal gypsies of the world, forever wandering hither and thither. Some are rebels who seem to fight against any kind of ‘fitting in’. Others may seem eccentric or simply have a lot of trouble knowing how to fit in. At heart, they want to be accepted and loved for who they are & many of their challenges centre around retaining individuality comfortably whilst being part of a group. A yellow person lacking brown tends to be too intellectual & can have a lot of trouble staying grounded. They have wonderful ideas, insights and thoughts but much of this goes wasted as it is rarely grounded into reality in a practical way that can benefit others. By learning how to assess which ideas can be acted on effectively and setting clear priorities, these people can begin to share the best of their brilliant minds with others. Very spiritual people (purple) who lack brown can be in danger of losing touch with reality and wandering off with the pixies. Mental stability is best served by a balance between earth & sky (practical/spiritual)

Grounding exercises:

*Physical exercise. Aerobic exercise is particular effective.

*Gardening, bush-walking and other outdoor activities which get you out into nature are highly beneficial.

*Stamping your feet on the ground or resting your body in a horse-stance. To do the horse-stance, spread your feet wider than shoulder distance apart and bend your knees to lower yourself down as though sitting on a horse.

*Sitting on the ground, especially outside or with your back against a tree is also helpful.

With all of these activities, focus on sounds and images in the environment around you rather than getting caught up in your own head.

Martial arts and other movement-based disciplines which encourage a focus on breathing, meditation and mental attitude are particular helpful for weak browns with excessive red or yellow patterns.

Excess Brown

People who have too much brown are like rocks or mountains- very difficult to move! Whilst they can be determined and very clearly know their own mind, they can easily be accused of being stubborn, inflexible and resistant to change. These people like to stay in familiar comfort zones & don’t adapt well to changes. Many excessive browns have a fear of they unknown and prefer to make everything feel safer by keeping it the same or being a little controlling. Their basic drive is towards security, which they ensure through being overly cautious and very well prepared. They can at times seem over-bearing and narrow-minded to the more free-spirited colours.

People with excessive brown tend towards having weak orange and purple. Enhancing these two colours in their energy field can help them find balance. In practical terms, this means reconnecting with their playful inner child, developing their sense of humour, traveling or learning about other cultures and exploring spiritual ideas to open their minds. It is important they blend fun and playfulness into their spirituality otherwise they will tend to adopt very fixed religious views which are intolerant towards others.