Psychic Readings

After about a year of working with my guides and learning how to heal, my Reiki healing teacher was coordinating the local health and healing expo and asked me if I would like to be one of the healers on the day. I said yes, but I wanted to do aura sketches rather than healing. I had noticed that the healing sketches I was doing for  my family


kind of looked like aura sketches and it just seemed to make sense to give it a go.

From the time I committed, right up to the day of the expo, I spent the entire time kicking myself for being such as idiot. I couldn’t believe I’d volunteered to do something I didn’t know how to do. In between panicking, I researched everything I could find on people who did know how to read the aura. My favorite resource was the Australian Aura Reader Judith Collins. Eastern chakras systems were an obvious source and I also looked at Aura Soma, colour psychology tests and colour therapy.

By the time the day came around, I had drawn up detailed colour charts and decided that I could at the very least, tell clients what colour was missing in their aura and how to restore balance. I took my box of chalks, dove in the deep end, and much to my astonishment, found I could swim. I seemed to know exactly what the colours meant as I was drawing them and I also knew what was happening in each client’s life. I had deep insights into their personality traits and relationships and even found myself giving spiritual guidance and predictions.

There was a constant stream of clients waiting in a long line all day and I barely had time to rest, eat or drink. Time seemed to stand still, and the only thing that seemed important was the client in front of me. I felt fine the whole time I was sketching but after I stopped, I gradually came down off my high and began to feel very ill. I had never done this before, and doing an entire day was a bit like an unfit couch potato suddenly deciding to run a marathon.

I feel nauseous just remembering how I felt! It was a bit like having a bad hangover and I think my husband almost had to carry me into the house when we finally got home. Every time someone spoke, my head and stomach seemed to swim because I could feel their conversations inside me as a sea of swirling colours.

I’ve learned since then that I have to build my stamina up gradually over time if I want to survive a day of sketching without a hangover. These days, I prefer to maintain a constant low level ‘psychic fitness’ by doing no more than two sketches per day and limiting the sessions to an hour each.

Since that day, I have sketched at many local expos including about four years with the psychic expo and have worked internationally over the internet. I even did a short stint as a phone psychic but when I discovered that 95 percent of the clients were obsessed with predictions about their love lives, usually along the lines of ‘will he come back to me?’ I made a quick exit. It was like watching a very predictable romance movie over and over again!

I have struggled on and off over the years with the ethical issues surrounding prediction. The power of suggestion can have a profound impact on people and even positive predictions can create havok in a person’s life if they become obsessed with a specific prediction coming true. Prediction junkies won’t make a decision until they have spoken to a psychic which is ridiculous because only some predictions actually come true and life is all about learning to make better decisions after you make not so good ones.

I always tell my clients that a good reading is one where the reader doesn’t tell you anything you don’t already know or feel deep inside yourself on an intuitive level. Clients need to screen readings. Never put a psychic up on pedestal, because they you should be the true authority in your own life. Your life is your own creation. You can use a psychic to help you clarify your thoughts and feeling or inspire you but don’t let them shape your life for you and never become a reading addict!

During a reading, keep checking in with yourself- does it feel right, does it make sense, does it sound right? If it doesn’t make sense let the reader know, maybe you can work together as a team to clarify the meaning of the messages. Sometimes, the meaning won’t make sense until later however, so be content to gently push some parts of the reading aside and put them on hold, pending later clarity.

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