Central Australian ‘Heart Fuchsia’

I found this flower in Central Australia.

Heart Fuchsia heals the wounds of the heart. She helps you travel through your history so you can understand who you are and why your heart has become who it is. The healing she gave me was a soul-retrieval. When wounded, a part of us can split off from our wholeness and become trapped in the memory of the wound, and we let it go, abandon it almost, in an attempt to wall off the pain. To heal the wound, we need to reintegrate the memory and be present with our pain, with compassion, gentleness, acceptance and love. 

When I connected with this Fuchsia, it drew me out of my heart so that I was standing in front of myself, connected by a heart thread. I found myself using this thread to lower myself into my heart chakra. As I descended, I found myself gazing into chamber after chamber in my heart. Each one contained a lesson, an experience that helped me understand love. Some lessons were beautiful, others painful. Some were from this lifetime, some were from other lifetimes.

The descent slowed and stopped. I had arrived in a specific chamber, where I found a part of myself laying on the ground, coughing up blood from a wound in her heart. I held her while she convulsed, and gazed into the pain I could see in her eyes. I felt great compassion and love for her; I remembered this wound, but there was nothing I could do to help her but hold her and be there for her.

After a while, her entire body calmed and turned in my arms so that her back was facing me. A thread was pulling her, by the back of her heart, drawing her back into me. After she re-integrated back in to me, I stood and dusted off my hands. I looked for the rope I had travelled down on and was suddenly myself again, back in my whole body.