Developing Clairaudience

Hearing – Clairaudience


Courage Orange and Rebellion Brown are two aura colours I hear as thoughts or words in my mind before I see or feel them. Hearing energy is called clairaudience, where a person will ‘hear’ frequencies as sound or thought. When I hear energy I might hear imaginary sounds like ocean waves or birdsong, but most often, I suddenly think of the words to a song or a popular saying. As with feeling and seeing, this is a very internal process and more like imagination than something you would experience with your physical ears. Clairaudience is very useful in mediumship when passing messages through from dead loved ones.

To Strengthen your Clairaudience 

To enhance clairaudience, practice having mental discussions with yourself (self-talk) where you reason logically through an internal debate. Research information about cognitive behavioural therapy and voice dialoguing for more information on this. Keep a journal and practice framing questions and then listening for the reply. At first, clairaudience sounds like your own thoughts- it’s only with practice that the internal voices (thoughts) take on a bit more character and begin to sound different from your own voice (thoughts). If you receive a psychic impression, pass it through! Finding the right words to share your impressions and convey them to others develops your clairaudient ability.

Switching on

To switch clairaudience on, ‘listen up’ as though you are listening with a second set of ears that are sitting above the ones you already have. Imagining you have big satellite receptor dishes coming out of your ears can help. Talking or writing in a free-flow fashion helps bring channelled information through- just open and let the words come- eventually you will align with the flow and it will ring true, resonate and ‘sound right’.


Clairaudient Exercises for clients and students with a deck of Aura Cards:


Exercise One – Basic Clairaudience

Think of the first colour that pops into your mind as a word. What does this colour make you think of? Does it make you think of a song, a story, a poem, a saying, a phrase or a word? What sound could you imagine would go with this colour? Can you make a story with images and feelings based on this sound?

Check through the Aura Cards. Which colour and colour name seem to match your colour the closest? Read through the colour profile provided. What words and phrases sound right to you and really resonate with you? When you read them, do other words and phrases spring to mind?

Now do the exercise again to find a second colour. Think about how the information from both colours could be combined to tell a story. Find this second colour amongst your Aura Cards, looking for the colour name that best matches. Think about the names of both colours and experiment with using them both in a sentence, or make a story about yourself based on these two card names.


Exercise Two – Using Clairaudience to Read the Aura

Looking at the aura sketch you made during the clairvoyant exercise, take each colour in turn and give it a descriptive name, the first name that pops into your mind. For example, your basic colour might be silver. When I think of silver, the first word that pops into my mind is quicksilver.

Focusing on both the colour and the name you have given it, write it down. Now write down whatever words or phrases come into you mind, using free association.

As I focus on the colour silver, words that come to me are ‘lightening’, ‘fast’, ‘smooth’, ‘sparkly’, ‘mercurial’ and so on. These words can form the basis for your understanding about each colour. Taking each word in turn, think about how it might relate to your personality, your emotions, and the experiences you have been going through.