Coming to peace with Chaos and Confusion

I’ve seen some new aura colours this week, all in the same person’s aura. She had really unusual colours I hadn’t seen before. I couldn’t work them all out, but I did manage to translate two of them.

The first is a variation on the Confusion colour. Pull out your Confusion Brown Aura Card and imagine something made lighter by the addition of tiny sparkles of golden light, almost as though you are looking at sand with mica specks sprinkled throughout. I’m not sure what to call this new colour. I tried to describe it to my husband Stephen and he suggested ‘Stillness’ or ‘Centred’.

 This is the colour we get in our aura when we accept confusion and chaos. We make our peace with it, and accept a lack of control. Chaos can happen around and within us, but it doesn’t disturb us.

To really explore this colour properly, and see where it fits in my colour system, I need to consider other brown colours that are similar, like Clearing Confusion. This isn’t a colour name you will find in my Aura Card deck.

When I was originally creating my commercial Aura Card deck, I needed to slim my quantity of colours down. In some instances this meant leaving certain colours out, or amalgamating them with one another. For example, I amalgamated Animal Spirit Brown and Clearing Confusion together as one colour and called it Animal Spirit Brown. The original colour on its own, ‘Clearing Confusion’ is the aura colour we see when Confusion Brown is starting to fade.

So there you have it: Confusion Brown fades into Clearing Confusion Brown. But where does this new colour fit in? Is it:

*A variation on Confusion Brown?

*A new colour sitting half way between Confusion and Clearing Confusion?

*A variation on Clearing Confusion Brown?

The forms of Confusion Brown I am used to seeing are either muddy or cracked dry like the bottom of a lake drained of water. This reminds me of the clan pans* from my childhood in Alice Springs, with their dry crackled surface.

While Confusion Brown is mud, either wet or dry, the Confusion Colour is sandy. So far, I have only ever experienced a wet, salty, version of this aura colour, like sand on the shore of the ocean, being rhythmically washed and filtered by waves coming in and going out. The new colour I saw in my client’s aura was sandy, dry and sparkly. It wasn’t wet. It felt more like desert sand than sea-side sand.

Now I’m going to tune in and channel about this colour:

“We are still and we have been still for aeons”

I can see an image of sand pouring through and hour-glass. I can feel something that resembles resignation, but it’s healthier and more balanced. It’s peaceful, accepting. I can see images of nature and life as a whole, so intricate and complex. What appears to be chaos when you see it close up, becomes ‘perfect order’ when you zoom/expand out.

Under the influence of this aura colour, I feel a pragmatic acceptance of things as they are. I can be more productive and present if I get on with accepting how things are and look at how i can work with what I’ve got…. instead of fantasising about how things could or could have been, if they or I were more perfect. It really does seem like a waste of energy to be comparing reality to fantasy when you could be engaging with reality instead. Our imagination needs to be redirected along the lines of ‘What can I do with what I have? How can I make the most of what I have? How is this imperfect situation perfect?”

Naturally, this new colour is related to Surrender. Most of the new colours I’ve seen this year are variations on this theme. I’ll blog again soon about the second colour I saw in this particular client’s aura.


*While I’m on the topic of claypans, my husband Steve and I were talking about the energy/metaphor of a scene like this and this is what we came up with:

STEVE: “Old salty. Sea Farers. Salt water crocodile. Worth your salt when you get old and crusty. Salt was a valuable commodity and traded.”

OM: “Frogs buried under the ground. Hibernating, waiting for water. Dry land contracting. Seasons. We become tougher when there is less bounty, abundance, water. The contraction phase/season squeezes all the softness and self-indulgence out of us.”*

This kind of free association is exactly what psychic ability is all about. Your subconscious has channels in it like the branches of a wet season stream. When you let yourself flow with free association along these streams, you are guided by the subconscious, taken where it wants to lead you. The subconscious IS the psychic mind. It takes in and processes a gazillion times more information than the conscious mind. And the conscious mind of fettered by conditioned perspectives. Free association helps us leapfrog out of our conditioned perspectives, and flow along unfamiliar pathways, forging new connections between previously isolated concepts.