Loving where you’re at


I’m in bliss again. Slip out of it occasionally, but these days, I manage to get back there very often, and to stay there for longer. I’m even getting to the point where I can very consciously feel when I’m slipping out of it and what the triggers were and how to redirect myself.

What is bliss? Bliss, for me, is being present in the moment, being connected with my inner child and my heart, and really loving life, to the point where I get a bit excited, or bouncey, because the wonderful feeling inside almost makes me want to burst. I love being like this. I’ve tested out lots of states of being in my wee 40 years so far, and this is the one that works best for me.

What works for you? What is your bliss?

How do you know when you’re in bliss?

For me, I can tell I’m in bliss when I feel kind of confident and sassy, yet childlike and playful at the same time. I laugh a lot. I dance. I sing. I paint. I write…. oh boy, do I write up a storm when I’m in bliss! I love writing so much. Oh yeah, and I use the words “I love…” so much it probably gets annoying for people.

When I’m in my bliss, I’m pragmatic, straightforward and direct. I say it how it is, with heart. I’m a bit cheeky, but seem to get away with it. I  tell stories and delight in other people’s stories. I inspire and am inspired.

When I’m in my bliss, I stretch and relax like a sensuous, purring cat soaking up sunlight, in a sweet spot in the garden. There’s always plenty of time for having fun and I’m so inspired by life that energy bubbles from me. So does warmth and humour.

How do you know when you aren’t in your bliss?

I know I’m not in my bliss when I get too serious. Life starts looking a bit scary and things seem overwhelming. My thinking gets a little messy and raggedy. I worry and I over-complicate things. I let people’s behaviour, attitudes or words get to me and affect me in unhelpful ways. I take too much responsibility for how others are, and how they feel and I try to meet all their expectations and somehow lose myself and who I really am in the process. And then I panic and withdraw and shut people out.

What happens to you?

Another thing that happens when I’m not in my bliss is that I’m either wallowing in something shameful or painful from my past, or I’m chaffing at the bit for the future to arrive right now and then getting angry because time is moving too slow and people aren’t co-operating and things are going wrong.  Sometimes I manage to wallow and be impatient at the same time! I’m pretty tricky huh?

BUT! When I’m in my bliss, I’m loving my past because it was totally brilliant and perfect for me and I appreciate it so much. Even the scungey bits are wicked when I feel blissful. And I’m cool with the future arriving whenever it wants to because I’m having so much fun right now.

Being in my bliss takes work, and lots of practise. It’s a space that requires cultivation and protection, mostly from my own bad habits- the ones I am unlearning. To enter my bliss, I have to make time for the activities that bring me bliss. Instead of letting my ego tell me crappy things like (picture my blissful self rolling her eyes and saying ‘yeah right! in a sarcastic way after each one):

*You have to work really hard because all these terrible financial things might happen if you don’t.

*You have to book this troubled person in because it’s all up to you to save them.

*You have to work really hard- if you aren’t exhausted by the end of the day you didn’t work hard enough.

*Everyone is thinking badly of you. Terrible things are going to happen. (definitely time to redirect my wonderful imagination along more positive pathways)

*You have to make lots of money and be successful because these are societies rules about ‘doing well’. This is what will gain you approval from that big world out there. Put money and success first before everything else! (This one is total puke material)

*You’re weird. Pull your head in and hide under a rock. (I think this voice would get a compassionate hug from my blissful self and a kick up the arse afterwards. “Wear you’re weirdness with pride sista!”)


What about you? Do you have a crappy voice in your head saying shitty things that really don’t help?

Pooh! Flush it!

Start again.

Choose Bliss.