Investment Brown

Investment Brown

Some of us wear colours in our aura temporarily when going through experiences that generate that aura frequency. With Investment Brown this can include things like investing in property,  starting a major project, entering into business partnerships, or seeking advice from a young man. Colours can also represent specific kinds of relationships and people in our lives. Investment Brown represents men: brothers, cousins, male friends, boyfriends, work colleagues and business partners.

We also wear aura colours on a more permanent basis, as ‘personality colours’. Investment Brown people have a range of typical personality traits. A person wearing this colour as a ‘personality colour’ might not have every trait, but they will have at least one:

Good Team Player

Investment Brown people are good team players. Working well with groups, they often help to maintain a good mood amongst group members. With their capacity to be light-hearted without losing focus, they gently steer projects towards successful outcomes without creating tension or conflict. They don’t need to be the boss and they generally play fair, but they don’t mind a bit of rough-and-tumble when playing sports, or a bit of playful banter in the boardroom. They get along with people very easily and often have a lot of friends and groups they are involved with.

Many Investment Brown types love team sports. Even if they aren’t part of a sports team, they will tend to play a lot of backyard sports or initiate spontaneous games at the beach or when out bush camping. Camping, fishing and boating can be favourite sports for these people, and they usually go in groups, rather than alone. They also love being part of a team in the workplace, with a lot of their job satisfaction coming from the sense of a job well done due to team-work and a comradeship with their fellow employee’s.

A Straight-Forward Communication Style

Investment Brown people communicate in a direct, straight-forward manner. They say what they mean and mean what they say. They are rarely nasty but they are definitely honest. If they don’t want to hurt your feelings by telling you the truth, they would rather say nothing at all, than to spin you a yarn, bend the truth or tell a white lie. They have a strong disliking for headspace games and non-verbals. It gets confusing for them when people don’t just say what they mean. Inuendo and office politics can put a knot in their stomachs and cause them headaches, stress and/or indigestion.

Women who wear this colour often prefer the company of men, and have a lot of male friends, because a man’s communication style is generally more straightforward and less complicated. They can find other women cofusing and tend to feel safer with the more up-front communication style. Many women who wear this colour are down-to-earth. They don’t mind grease and dirt, and often enjoy fishing, camping and football. Some of these women grew up in male dominated households with lots of brothers (usually older). Others were tomboys in their childhood or teens, and preferred ‘being one of the boys’ to shopping, gossiping or dressing up.

A skill for investing time, energy and resources into projects that give a good return

These people can be good at spotting opportunities. They make excellent business and investment advisors, and their career can often be a diverse mix of jobs that come and go or co-exist. For example, they might work part times as a bricklayer during the day and bar-tender at night, whilst also investing very successfully in the stock-market and dabbling with freelance sports photography in their spare time.

Finding the perfect blend between playfulness and business-like savy, they have a knack for coming out on top where others might struggle. They love doing business with other people or getting involved in shared projects. When they are balanced and listebing to themselves, they are fairly good judges of character and good at connecting up with people who have skills that compliment their own. Most of these people own property or have an investment/property portfolio.