Manipulation Green

Manipulation Green


Colour Perception:


Manipulation Green is a dirty green muddied with brown. To understand this colour, begin by thinking of the aura as being made up of threads of energy, like a weaving or a three dimensional graph of vertical and horizontal lines. Now imagine some of these energy lines connecting one persons aura to another. Manipulation Green generally represents what happens we we use our aura threads to play each other like puppets or tie each other up.


Colour Characteristics:


Manipulation Green will appear in the aura when a person is manipulating or being manipulated by a person, group or situation. This may sound very negative but in some instances it can be quite positive. Positive manipulation could be redefined as motivating, influencing and campaigning to get your view heard by others, your needs met and positive changes made. We all use manipulation from time to time for both good and bad reasons to reach a specific end outcome. For example, you might bribe a child to eat their dinner, coerce a partner into buying you a gift, convince a customer to buy a product, or use guilt to make a friend spend more time with you.


Manipulation can become a habitual way of getting needs met, especially for those with poor communication skills and unhealthy self-esteem. In a neglectful childhood environment, learning to manipulate others becomes a necessary survival skill in order to get basic needs met. Some people grow up with manipulative role-models and never learn how to communicate in an open and honest manner as a result. These behavioural patterns can become ingrained and unfortunately they can have a negative impact on relationships and a persons health.


To manage this colour safely, be very honest with yourself about your motives and the methods you are using to accomplish your motives. What are you trying to accomplish and why? Is your agenda in the best interests of all concerned? What sorts of problems could arise as a result of your behaviour? Do people trust you and do you trust yourself? Is there a better, fairer and more honest, straight-forward way of going about this? Could your needs be met in a healthier way? In short: be honest with yourself, take responsibility for your behaviour and communicate clearly and honestly with others. No game playing, no button pressing, no string pulling.


If you are aware of being manipulated by a person, group or situation, you may feel trapped, frustrated and resentful because your choices, freedom and rights are being restricted or violated. One of the most powerful forms of manipulation is guilt. The ego is another. Sometimes we allow ourselves to stay trapped in an unhealthy situation because there is something about the situation that is ego gratifying. Are you giving your power away to a role or job because it makes you feel important or needed? Scrutinise your own reasons for allowing yourself to be manipulated and remember that you do not have to play the victim role in this situation.


Do what you can to take your life back into your own hands. Do not let others govern your feelings, behaviour and choices and be very aware that it is often your own choice to give your power away. Please keep in mind that the manipulator may actually be trying to help you and motivate you for the better. This is especially relevant if you have abdicated responsibility for some part of your life. When we do not take responsibility for ourselves, other people tend to do it for us. Taking back our power usually means taking responsibility.


It is rare that we are not aware of being manipulated, when we really take the time to stop, feel, think and pay attention. Manipulation happens when we give away too much power over our own lives to others. Do not forget that this can include substance abuse and other addictions. What behaviour, habit or substance is pulling your strings? Are you in charge or your own life or are you letting someone or something else call the shots?


Manipulation Green can often represent our own inner saboteurs: subconscious parts of us that are sabotaging our efforts, because they have their own contrary agenda. Inner saboteurs are not always bad. As with well meaning manipulators who are trying to motivate us ‘for our own good’, inner saboteurs are just trying to help. Regardless of their good intentions, they can wreak havoc and frustrate your better intentions so it is always better to identify what they are, why they are there and how they are operating.


For example, you may be attempting to loose weight without success, because you keep sabotaging your efforts to get to the gym by getting sick and you keep sneaking into the fridge for snacks at midnight. The inner saboteur may be afraid of all the hard work involved and is nobly attempting to protect you from it! Your inner saboteur can have all sorts of strange reasons for keeping you overweight. Being thin might be scary for some reason. To inactivate an inner saboteur, you need to face up to it and ask yourself what the pay offs are for not achieving your goals.



When this aura colour is found in the following positions in the aura, it has slightly different meanings:


Above Head – Your higher guidance is asking you to take responsibility for your own life. Do not be a victim and give your power away. Be honest with yourself about your own manipulative behaviour.


Head – Your thoughts are being influenced by another or perhaps you are thinking about how to get your needs met via manipulative behaviour.


Throat – Are you using a manipulative communication style such as laying a guilt trip?


Arms – There may be manipulation issues in your relationships. Are you being honest with each other? Or are you pulling strings and pressing buttons.


Hands – Manipulation issues with work or job. Perfectly fine colour for sales industry.


Hips – Manipulation as a learned pattern of behaviour.


Legs – Potential manipulation issues coming up in future – be honest about personal agenda and do not give power away and play the victim.


COLOUR COMBINATIONSManipulation Green with:


Resentment Green – Natural combination. These two colours tend to feed off one another; people feeling resentful tend to manipulate and manipulation results in resentment.


Grey cards – often a feeling of being trapped or controlled (manipulated) by another person or circumstance, such as a job commitment or lack of money, and feeling depressed about it.


Insecurity Yellow – low self esteem is a common cause for manipulative behaviour and it tends to engender more of the same; it’s hard to feel good about yourself when you are being manipulative or manipulated.


Happiness Yellow, Movement Blue, Playful Orange, Strength Red – The presence of any of these colours usually indicate a healthier use of manipulation, such as marketing and sales or the motivation speaking industry. The strength that these people have is that they understand how to use psychology to influence others, and this can be used for good purposes.