Soul’s Ideal (apricot)

The ‘Soul’s Ideal’ colour

I found this aura colour yesterday in a clients aura and promised her I’d write about it. This isn’t a colour in my aura book, and it’s not one I see very often.

The ‘Soul’s Ideal’ colour is soft blend of tan and apricot. I usually find it in the aura when a client is going to achieve something within this lifetime that would epitomise everything their soul values and stands for. This colour can be compared to the ‘Purpose’ colour, a rich, velvety pink-purple that appears in the aura when a client is trying to find deeper meaning and purpose in life, or when they are accomplishing something they ‘planned’ or hoped to accomplish in this lifetime.

These colour concepts are easier to play around with if you are comfortable entertaining the idea of a soul who experiences multiple lifetimes, but even without this kind of theoretical framework, both colours can be considered frequencies that put us more deeply in touch with our higher values. The ‘Souls Ideal’ colour would be considered the more powerful of the two, providing a much deeper and yet more tangible sense of living according to one’s most cherished ideals.

But back to the playful and oh so handy concept of a soul who has multiple lifetimes! From this perspective, Purpose Purple represents the purpose applicable to this specific lifetime, whereas Soul’s Ideal Orange is the overarching sense of purpose running through all of the soul’s lifetimes; the theme we explore time and time again because it really matters to us; a thread that runs through all our experiences and pulls them together; a passion that underlies and dictates our experiences.

When looked at from a current life perspective, the difference between these two colours is a bit like the difference between your sense of purpose this year, in this moment, and the sense of purpose that runs throughout your entire life. The first one is Purpose Purple- the second one is Soul’s Ideal Orange. Soul’s Ideal represents soul values: deep values and interests that carry across from one life phase, to another, regardless of where we are and who we are being in each moment, or each life chapter.

We might explore different characters and themes in our different lives or life phases, but the core essence of all that we are and what deeply matters to us, will tend to shine through or keep showing up, throughout these different stories. Our Soul’s Ideal is a colour frequency that is inherently us, a value or passion that keeps coming back, a conclusion we keep arriving at, time and time again, about what really matters.

Another things that can be said about this colour is that unlike Purpose Purple, which can represent quite intangible life lessons being realised, Soul’s Ideal Orange is, so far as I can tell, all about tangle, concrete expressions of our innermost ideals. We might accomplish our current life’s purpose by becoming more assertive and adventurous, but these are internal qualities we develop to support the realisation of our soul’s ideal… almost like a mini lessons that polish and balance us while we study for a higher degree.

The higher degree is the Soul’s Ideal colour. With this colour frequency coming up in our aura, we are realising the ideals, dreams and values of our whole self, our soul…the values it has been developing over many, many lifetimes or life phases. And we are realising them in a highly tangible and practical way that contributes something measurable to the greater well being of the world around us.

For example, if your Soul’s Ideal is about animals, you might set up an animal shelter or get a policy passed in government that improves the rights of animals. If your Soul’s ideal is about writing, you might finally publish a book that contributes to the richness of global literacy, and inspires countless others to write and publish themselves in turn. If your Soul’s Ideal is about helping people, you might establish a foundation that makes a practical difference in people’s lives or you might become a brain surgeon and develop new techniques that saves people’s lives.

After seeing both Purpose Purple and Soul’s Ideal Orange in my client’s aura yesterday, I am excited for her. She has obviously taken some kind of step forward in her life that will lead her towards realising her Soul’s Ideal. And I personally realised something about these two colours…. together, they are about faith- the faith that there is a cosmic design looking after us and guiding us, that existence isn’t just a random, chaotic experience. Sometimes, when going through disappointments, beliefs like this can give us faith and help us have the hope we need to keep going.

Essentially, I believe we create our own meaning in life, but this can be easier to do when we feel like we aren’t alone and we are being supported by life, God, or whatever it is we believe in. A little bit of magical thinking can go a long way when balanced with a grounded approach to life. We can’t control everything. Being able to surrender our need for control during moments when trying to control things would be foolish, is a great strength. Having faith can give us this strength.

I also believe we are hardwired to look for patterns and to tell stories that explain what is happening to us and why. While some of us can take this too far, I think it does serve a basic need to make sense of the world. And not all of us feel at peace with the idea of a purely mechanistic, scientific world view. Essentially, the stories we tell ourselves about who we are and why we are, are personal to us- they are up to us. Ideally, we need to find stories that give us a sense of meaning and purpose, a feeling for our place in the world. These stories need to be grounded enough to be practical, but magical enough to uplift and inspire us through challenging times!