The Spiritual Romance Colour

While doing an aura sketch the other day, I came across an aura colour I don’t see very often; perhaps only once every few years. This isn’t a colour I’ve written about in any of my books (Aura Colour Therapy, Aura Card Guidebook), so I thought I’d write a short blog to give everyone some information about this colour.

‘Spiritual Romance’ is a pink colour that sits half way between True Love Pink and Wholehearted Pink on the colour spectrum. It’s a delicious colour, one that I find incredibly uplifting everytime I see it. The lady I was sketching for had just fallen in love. Her aura also featured Vulnerability Pink in the shape of a love heart with its core centred over her chest. This colour was also under her arms. Later, at the very end of the sketch in the last remaining position I had not yet filled with colour, I discovered the ‘Spiritual Romance’  colour.

This colour comes up whenever a person is ready for a much deeper, spiritual quality of romance than they have experienced previously. Having been through many trials and challenges in love and they now have the self-worth needed to say, in essence:  ‘I deserve this aura colour, I am ready for this aura colour, I need this aura colour in order to grow’. Sometimes the person wearing this colour will simply be craving the kind of higher love connection represented by this colour… readiness does not necessarily mean it has arrived. Discerning between a ‘Spiritual Romance’ craving and a ‘Spiritual Romance’ event simply takes practise and some questioning of the client.

Two people wearing this colour are most definitely ‘on the same page’ when it comes to their spirituality and values. They understand each other deeply and they have a powerful psychic connection which can be experienced via frequent events like finishing each other’s sentences, knowing when the other person is about to call or being aware of changes in the other person’s mood even if they are away travelling.

As with all the love colours, this colour doesn’t always guarantee a healthy relationship! Two people can be spiritually and psychically in tune with each other without necessarily being good for each other, but on the whole, these relationships can be beautiful experiences that uplift and spiritualise the heart chakra. Even if they don’t last, they certainly open our eyes and if we have the skills to keep the auric energy lines between our heart chakras clear and clean, the resulting mutual heart evolution can be dynamic.

Having said that, I’m always warning people against getting caught up in fairy tale notions about soul-mates. For more insight read my blog about soul mates.