Directional Flow in the Energy Body

Today in healing class we were talking about energy flow through the body. I always teach my students to be open-minded and to listen to the body (energy field), rather than prescribing to rules read in books or learned in courses about directional flow throughout the field.

Some authorities insist that energy flows through the body in a set direction. The reality is, the energy field is sophisticated and complex. Energy flows through the field in ALL directions. For example, we release energy via our feet and hands, as well as drawing energy in via our feet and hands. Some authorities will tell you that you draw in via one side of the body and release via the other. We can certainly have individual tendencies to use some directional pathways more so than others, but we all draw in and release on both sides.

Think of the field as having two-lane, or multi-lane highways. We can be releasing AND drawing energy in, via the same channel, at the same time. This is how grounding works, actually. It isn’t just an anchoring down into the earth, it’s a two way process of releasing excess charge from the nervous system into the earth, while simultaneous breathing stabilising earth energy in.

The rules you read about in books, or learn in classes, aren’t wrong, they are just limited. They make you think other possibilities are wrong, and they stop you from really listening to the body and responding accordingly. Rules lock us into a way of seeing things and this can close our awareness down and stop us from seeing/perceiving what is actually happening.

Let each body/aura be unique. Make no assumptions. Trust your instincts/intuition. If a flow is ‘incorrect’, you will feel it. There will be some kind of resistance or sluggishness. It will ‘feel wrong’. I personally find ‘incorrect flow’ is quite rare, but that is my truth or reality and this won’t be the case for practitioners who specialise in correcting directional flow.

When I perceive the aura, I ‘see’ multidirectional flow, like streams laid one atop the other, each one in a slightly different field or dimensional reality. Most practitioners specialise in working with just one layer of the aura; one specific dimensional reality. As a result, for them, there will be a specific pattern or set of rules the field will (hopefully) be adhering to. They can then make corrections easily based on this set of rules, a set of rules that apply on that particular level of the field (aura).

I prefer to scope out and then allow my consciousness to be drawn in on whatever layer of the aura is calling me. As a result, the rules are always changing. In fact, it is better for me not to have ‘rules’. It is far better for me to trust instead, my highly attuned psychic senses and take the field as it comes. Not only are the many layers of the aura completely different from one another, but they also vary from individual to individual. I certainly notice patterns of function that apply to many people, but I never assume this pattern is ‘normal’ or even beneficial, for everyone, because we are all different.

This is why I am so passionate about learning by doing, rather than theoretical book learning, and why I primarily teach my students to listen to their senses rather than giving them a strict set of rules to follow. I want them to be artists who are truly sensing and responding to what is in front of and around them, rather than being mindless automatons who blindly follow a set of rules and assumes the same rules always apply, in all situations, to all people.

It can be so good, so nourishing and clarifying, to learn rules and structure and procedures. But don’t ever let yourself be trapped or blinded by them!

Blessed Be