Working with energy lines

When I’m working on the energy fields of my clients, I’m often working with energy lines. Most of these lines run vertically throughout the energy field. I think of them as ‘the long lines’, or ‘major energy channels’, or even ‘superhighways of the energy body’.

Energy lines come with complex pathologies. One of the easiest ways to understand some of what can go wrong with these energy lines is to think of the body as a guitar. These long lines are like guitar strings. In some instances, energy lines can become too taut or tight. People with over-tight energy lines can be tight and stiff in mind, body and emotions. They seem tense and can lack flexibility. Tight lines can reflect tension in the muscles, an inability to relax, wariness, a hyper-alert state, and/or pain in the mindbody.

Some people with tight lines get ‘all wound up’, or reactive, and this winds up their energy lines. Wound up energy lines are twisted, yet still stretched tight. This can create a flow that is rough and bumpy. If you could hear the sound of energy running through a channel like this, you might describe it as a high-pitched, reverberating, thrum that sets your nerves on edge and makes your muscles tight. This of course, is exactly what it happening in the body of a person whose energy lines are ‘all wound up’.

Often, when we get wound up, we get defensive and/or aggressive. In either scenario, if we can’t shift this state, or we stay in it too long or too often, we are going to end up with chronically tight and knotty energy lines. In some people, excessive over-tightening will cause the fibres of the aura will start to bunch more closely together, almost like a defensive wall we can hide behind. Some people even grow extra fibres to build the wall. Over time, some fibres decay but instead of falling away, they get tangled in the rest of the fibres. The worst walls are those that are matted together like dread-locked hair. In healing, I often find myself running my fingers through fibre-walls, almost as though it is hair. I’m trying to get the knots out and create some clear space around each fibre so the therapeutic light of spirit and healing can enter the aura.

People who get aggressive first recoil into tightness and then over-expand, often very quickly, like a bullfrog puffing his chest up. Some of these energy lines have muscle and bulk. Many are hot and prone to inflammation because they are working so hard. The energy that runs through them moves very quickly and can tend to be red in hue. It helps to remember that aggressive responses occur when someone doesn’t feel safe. Dig deep enough under all that heat and activity, and you will find a deeper layer of recoiled fibres shielding fear, sensitivity and vulnerability. These people are just very good at hiding and defending their sensitivities. They may consciously be out of touch with their own vulnerable inner child, but an aggressive response is almost always a guarantee that the inner child has felt threatened by a person or situation. Something or someone has acted as a trigger, reminding the basic self (subconscious, body, memories, emotions and inner child) of a past threat, and an offensive defence is quickly mounted.

These wound -up defensive/aggressive responses can be very subtle. The easiest way to recognise them in action is that someone is trying to over-control a situation, a person (even themselves), and/or their environment. Over control can take many forms, such as:

*Refusing to step out of your comfort zones because you are afraid of the unknown.

*Hoarding and not being able to let go of the past.

*Insisting on rigid rules and regulations

*Trying to force other people around to your point of view

*Trying to control the behaviour and feelings of others

*Never opening up and being vulnerable with others

*Being self-denying, perfectionist and mean to yourself

People who adapt readily to experiences that wind them up, by bouncing back gently with new found wisdom, have energy lines that can readily return to a relaxed, yet toned state. The initial stretch in response to stress doesn’t cause them long term damage because it isn’t sustained. In a way, it’s like they are smoothly flexing a muscle to make it stronger and more resilient.

But getting wound up too much and too often can lead to a different kind of stretching in the energy lines; the kind of stretching you don’t bounce back from. Instead, the energy line looses it’s tone and becomes unresponsive. We might liken this to depression, stagnancy or apathy in the person as a whole. On a muscular level the muscles become flabby. On a mental level, the thinking is slower. Throughout the mind-body in general, slack energy lines can result in (and of course reflect) weakness, fatigue, loss of sparkle and loss of function.

The slackness caused by over-stretch has to go somewhere, with energy lines often bulging and looping. This causes energy flow to meander and bulge into areas it wouldn’t normally be travelling through. This can be confusing for the energy field, the mind and the emotions. On a physical level it can create (or reflect) disturbed body function. Slack energy lines are prone to tangling. Tangling can causes energy to get stuck in one part of the field, almost as though the energy were lost in a maze with no way out. When energy doesn’t flow to and from its origin and destination, parts of our mind-body become starved, cut off from other parts, and congested.

Slack lines caused by over-stretching are often best removed rather than restrung, but some lines that seem lack are slack for other reasons. It’s always a good idea to search for both ends of the line. Lines can become slack when there is a break in the line (like a line being cut), or the end of the energy line can pulled free from its port. Some lines can be repaired and reattached, so long as there isn’t too much fraying or decay in the line.

Lines can also seem loose when they aren’t integrating in and through a chakra appropriately. For example, an energy line on one layer or level of the aura might seem slack, but that’s because it has been pulled too tight on another level of the aura (the slack created by an over tight section of energy line gets pushed or stretched into another part of the field.)

Blessings and Love