Reading Aura Colours in the Belly Chakra

For Aura Card readers:

Reading the belly/sacral position- middle card in bottom row of chakra spread. This is a challenging position to translate but very dynamic once you get your head around it. Here are some tips:

This position can represent…

*Aura frequencies that are emerging from your inner depths. These colours are about to come out into your outer aura. You will thus become more conscious of these traits/issues/thoughts. You might start expressing/exhibiting these traits to the degree that they are evident to others. But not yet…. they are stirring, but have yet to fully express in your outer aura. You haven’t fully owned this colour yet.

*Aura frequencies that are being repressed. These repressed energies can still influence our behaviour (in both negative and positive ways), but quite often the conscious mind is trying to reject them, hold them back, or keep them hidden (sometimes even from itself).

*Aura frequencies you are learning how to control or reign in. This is similar to repression but more about keeping an aura frequency in check if it has tended to take-over and rule you.

Here is an example….

Vision Yellow in the belly chakra could be read in the following ways:

*Inspiration is coming to you, rising up from within you. You will soon have an revelatory aha! moment of absolute clarity.

*You haven’t been feeling particularly inspired. You might be unsure what to do next. Perhaps you feel a bit lost or lacking in direction.

*You are learning to manage your addiction to inspired ideas. You often have an abundance of good ideas but you have trouble grounding them into reality and seeing an idea through to fruition. This is changing now- well done!

Exploring interpretations

As you can see, the interpretations are quite different from one another. In each reading, you will need to ask yourself, is this colour rising or receding? Is this colour exerting a subtle unconscious effect on the client or am I seeing newly learned self-control over this colour?

Often, if the colour is primarily ‘positive’, I assume it is emerging and I encourage it, perhaps with counselling, healing, prescribed exercises or an essence of that colour.

If the colour is ‘negative’, I will often consider this a good placement because it can so often mean a person is getting a handle on those negative traits- they are getting ‘the upper hand’ so to speak.

BUT… how I read the cards will always depends on what my intuition tells me, what the client tells me and the placement of surrounding colours. If I saw Depression Grey in the Solar Plexus position in the same spread, I would know the Vision Yellow colour is very badly repressed and definitely needs supporting, but at the same time, there is hope because the clients inner sunlight hasn’t completely gone out. It’s just a bit smogged up like sunlight drowned out by grey clouds.

There might be rare situations where the colours placed around the rest of the chakra spread would make me read this differently… for example, I might say that the person tends towards grandiose ideas that aren’t realistic. For this person, the grey and yellow placement might actually be a positive sign of rebalancing. Yellow can make us a little over-optimistic and extroverted at times with grey playing a beautiful counterpoint, helping us rest in contemplative silence and observation.