Sample Aura Card Reading


Gold in Crown Chakra

You have a sun-god type spirit guide with you, like Ra, Lugh, or Apollo. Actually, I’m seeing a centaur with you. I’ve noticed centaurs show up in women’s aura’s when they need help with romantic relationships issues. Centaurs help us experience top quality romantic love and care from men.

Resentment in Third Eye

Resentful thoughts. “I don’t have enough…” (because it’s combined with abundance and loneliness)…. Take care not to blame others for your lack/circumstances. Other people having more (or having what you don’t have), isn’t necessarily robbing from you. There is an opportunity here for you to turn your life around in some way, but only if you resist the temptation to blame others and sink into resentful self-pity.

Abundance in Throat

Hopefully, you are doing exactly this… notice the blessings in the lives in others and celebrate with and for them. Be generous and kind. Talk about the good things you do have in your life, celebrate them. Focus on the good.

Loneliness in Heart

This may be something you are feeling, or it might be someone around you. Loneliness can represent a temporary state of emptiness, loss, loneliness… when someone leaves our life for example. It can also represent deeper abandonment/rejection issues. With Loneliness here and midnight in your base… it looks as though your aura has a few holes due to loss. This is ok… holes in the aura can let the wind blow through… embracing the winds of change can be refreshing. It could be time to really let go of your old self/life.

Performance in Solar

Possiblities here are:

*Career/skills/hobby in performing arts (eg acting, dance, music)

*Needing to put on a professional persona or ‘front’ regarding of how you really feel

*Drama in the workplace

Home in the belly:

The best case scenario here is that you are ‘coming home to yourself’, and learning to be comfortable in your own skin. Probably not, though, given the position of this colour, and surrounding colours. Let’s say, it would be a good idea to work on becoming comfortable in your own skin. Look for the blessings- what are the good things about being you, living your life, having your body and the current home you live in?

Midnight in Base:

Lots of unknowns coming up! Be prepared for anything. There may well be endings around you. Remember that endings precede new beginnings. Don’t be afraid to cut your losses and start over anew, in some area of your life.