Sample Aura Card Readings

Sample Aura Card Reading

photo-8Playful Orange in the Crown Chakra

*You have a playful, child-like or cheeky spirit guide with you, encouraging you to lighten up, not take everything so seriously, and develop your sense of humour. This spirit might be encouraging you to laugh more, socialise more, and get in touch with your inner child.

Strength in the third eye area

Thinking about practical issues, needing to stay strong. This colour gives us a robust, straight-forward way of looking at things. Focusing on direction and self-empowerment.

Zealous in the throat chakra

This makes the throat chakra a bit ‘loud’. Take care not to be too opinionated. This combined with strength red can make you a bit forceful about your opinions at times. Remember that everyone has their own personal truth- what’s good/right/best for you might not apply to others.

Reflection in heart chakra

Your most important relationship at this time is the one you are having with yourself. Everyone else around you is just reflecting you back to yourself. Think carefully about what your emotional responses to others say about you: your personality, values and wounds. Work on self-love!

Authenticity in Solar Chakra

Your self-esteem is improving. You are getting to know yourself better, getting clearer on what’s right for you and giving yourself permission to be yourself. You are finding out what makes you shine, especially in work/career areas, and letting all the other ideas about ‘who you should/ought to be, fall away. Just be yourself.

Listen in Belly

Very important for you to spend time listening to your inner child. Ask not ‘what should I do now (with this free time), but ‘what do I feel like doing now?’ Trust your inner voice when it comes to your own life. Don’t take things too personally when others offer you well-meaning advise.

Ambition in Base chakra

Lots going on with career right now… you are gearing up to move forward in a more empowered way, but take care not to get too intense or serious about career/work. Remember to have fun, balance work with play and don’t get too hung up on heading in a specific direction…. if things don’t work out it isn’t the end of the world. Also, take care to look for your sense of self/self-esteem in other places besides work.