Psychic uses of herbal Raspberry Leaf

I’m making up lots of remedies for people… beautiful blends of herbs with gem elixers, flower essences and my aura colour essences.

Spirit is teaching me how to use herbs in a different way… a way that fits who I am and how I work. For example, here is some information on the use of Raspberry Leaf, from my spiritual herbal teachers/guides:

“Raspberry Leaf repairs the psychic womb. This is a power centre for women; a place where they store some of their deepest feelings, a place from which they access their deepest wisdom and their ‘women’s intuition’.

This centre can be shredded and damaged during painful break-ups, especially when the break-up includes some element of betrayal, self-betrayal and deception. A particularly harsh womb-wounder is the feeling of having your dreams for your children’s sense of family fall apart. If you have a strong value around ‘keeping the family together’, or ‘staying with the father of my children’, and this doesn’t work out for you, the womb can suffer.

Raspberry Leaf has a golden energy that helps restore connections between the womb and the third eye. The womb is the belly of our creative dreams, a place where magical possibilities can be dreamed up. When the womb can communicate clearly with the third eye, it’s a little like the subconscious being able to convey a dynamic idea to the conscious mind. Possibilities seep up from your depths to inspire you. The flow of energy can also run in the other direction; hand the seed of an idea over from your third eye to your womb and your womb will hold it with love, almost like a child, providing it with safe space within which to unfold. If the seed has good potential, the womb will flesh it out and eventually give birth to it in a more fully formed manner.

If you need Raspberry Leaf, you are probably feeling let down, betrayed, uncertain about the future and grief-stricken about the past. You might have trouble seeing ‘where to next’, or finding the energy to take the next step. You need help letting go of old dreams that didn’t come to fruition and you may also need to re-shape your view of yourself, particularly in terms of who you have the potential to be in a relationship. For a woman, the womb carries some of her sacred femininity. If her sacred femininity feels dishonoured and abandoned by male energy or by society as a whole, womb energy can shrivel, dry and harden.”

I’m curious about whether Raspberry leaf has any uses for men. I’m told that it does, but “there are male equivalents that are better suited to them. However, Raspberry Leaf can help a man bond with his children, and improves the co-parenting relationship. This herb can be used in quite a magical way to improve circumstances for men whose parenting is being blocked or hindered by their partners.”

Blessed Be