Wildflower Spirit Journey through Kakadu

At the moment (Nov 2013), I’m putting the finishing touches on my book Wildflower Spirit Journey though Central Australia. This was an incredible pilgrimage into my childhood and my country, a beautiful way to honour and reconnect with the recently passed spirit of my Grandma Anne. Anne was an incredible mentor and role model for me. She planted the seeds for my current wildflower photography obsession, and was the inspiration behind my decision to become a naturopath, Writing about this journey through the land of my birth was as healing as actually taking the journey itself.


Once this book is done and sent off the to publishers, I will be turning my attention to the next wildflower book: the story of my epic 5 day journey into Kakadu, where I integrated my male spirit energy and discovered what I am capable of. The power of the mind truly is incredible. Without disciplining my mind to stay focused, my body would never have been able to perform so well under such demanding circumstances. Along the way I met aboriginal land spirits who took me under their wing and I connected with some truly beautiful flowers. Many of these flowers were old friends but there were also a few new ones, some of whom have been making their presence felt both in my healing room and my own on-going spiritual journey.

This journey ended with being air-lifted off a waterfall ledge by helicopter, not because we were lost, but because the route we had chosen down off the escarpment was impassable. We got in, with ropes, but couldn’t find a way down, and retracing our steps was too dangerous. Exhausted after 24 hours of adrenaline fuelled fear of falling, crazy courage, close calls and nausea, we finally let off our emergency beacon.

I’m looking forwards to telling this story and immersing my self in the magic world of Spirit. Writing this book will be my way of revisiting and re-accessing the teachings given me by the nature spirits who protected me from danger and guided me safely home.

Blessed Be