Depression Grey

This blog is for anyone with a deck of Aura Cards. Depression Grey is a pale grey. 

Colour Perception:

Like the grey ash of a dead fire, Depression Grey appears in the aura when the vibrant flames of warm auric colours such as red, orange and yellow, have died out. This can make us feel introspective and reflective, or drained and depressed. Other visual metaphors which convey the mood of this colour include overcast dreary days, an ashen face drained of colour, suffocating smoke, low lying fog, grey city buildings cloaked in toxic smog, or even the sense of being wrapped tightly in a grey blanket and not being able to breathe or move easily.

Colour Characteristics:

In small doses, and when blended with other colours to create a ‘grey tinged colour’, Depression Grey encourages positive introspection, quiet observation and deep reflection. Grey tinged colours include Reflection Purple, Watch Blue, Hermit Green and Wisdom Green. These positive versions of Depression Grey can provide much needed balance to brightly coloured auras which tend towards excessive extroversion, self expression and attention seeking.

If Depression Grey is used to excess, these bright, warm aura colours can be snuffed out altogether, resulting in a loss of energy, drive, passion, extroversion and optimism. In its mildest degree of excess, Depression Grey simply represents boredom and stagnation as a result of being long overdue for change. The longer we stay in a stagnated state, the more difficult it becomes to build and gather the momentum needed for change.

When day to day routines become too grey, robotic, dreary and boring, they can become stifling and soul destroying. Retreating into ourselves can be an automatic response to a colourless existence; a response that can bring us back to our inner spirit. Standing back from the business of the outer world, we drop deeply into our own depths for restoration. Sitting quietly and thinking deeply, we can discover deep pearls of wisdom and insight or hidden stores of creativity.

Whilst reflective, introspective states are not always melancholic, they do have a tendency to take on this flavour. Melancholy can be beautiful, if it is managed well and not indulged in for too long. Sweet and poignant, it can take us on a journey into the heart, where sadness and wistful feelings of longing help us reflect on what really provides our life with deeper meaning. This can then prompt us to make changes that bring vibrancy, colour and sparkle back into our lives.

Melancholic introspection can easily deepen and become depressive. Bitter disappointment, exhaustion, loss of hope and feeling trapped constitute more extreme versions of Depression Grey excess. Like a grey blanket of fog wrapped too tightly around the aura, it can feel as though all our vibrant colours are being squeezed out of us. These suffocating situations develop when we feel trapped by circumstances, often of our own making, or oppressed by others. Depression Grey is often found around the eyes of women in abusive relationships. Bullied, intimidated and brainwashed to think they are worthless and no one else would want them anyway, the idea of leaving can seem impossible.

Having excessive Depression Grey in the aura is like being stuck in a black hole. We know we should try to climb out but we do not have the energy and we cannot see clearly. Cut off from a sense of freedom, clarity of vision, fresh air, open space and choices, it can seem easier to give up and sink deeper rather than fighting to climb out. If you feel like this, please reach out and get help. Ask for lifelines and hold onto them. What can seem so certain and so real when we are depressed, looks completely different once we have found the courage and strength to climb out of that black hole. (Add emotional support contacts at back of book)

Colour breathing colours such as White, Silver, Creative Red, Happiness Yellow and Playful Orange can help you to revitalise your aura and disperse Depression Grey.


Above Head – Your spiritual guidance has been helping you overcome low mood, low energy and feelings of being trapped. At times, you have have suffered from a deep or vague spiritual depression. Deep spiritual depression is a struggle with profound questions about the meaning of life and why we are here. Vague spiritual depression is a feeling of being lost or wandering through life without meaning, direction and passion.

Head – Are you suffering from depression, apathy, negative thinking or pessimistic feelings? If so, consider seeking support from a health care provider or professional counsellor.

Throat – Depression Grey can shut the throat chakra down, resulting in stifled self expression. You may be feeling repressed or held back by a job or a person in your life.

Heart – When the heart is troubled by Depression Grey, we can feel sad, disappointed, dejected and grief stricken. If this is not how you are feeling now, your heart might be carrying some old sadness from the past that has yet to resolve. This can colour our mood and affect the way we relate to people.

Hands – Are you bored with your job? You probably need more stimulation and challenges to sink your teeth into and you may be long overdue for change of career or employment. This pattern can also be caused by insufficient income for current expenses and future plans.

Hips – Are you feeling low in energy or lacking motivation and enthusiasm for life? Depression Grey in this position can reflect physical health problems but it can also appear when we lose touch with the magic, energy and hopefulness of the inner child. Consider a health check up and read Playful Orange to reconnect with your inner child

Legs – You may go through a period of time during which low energy levels or depression are an issue for you. Some of this could be caused by a feeling of being trapped as a result of having fewer choices and options available to you.

COLOUR COMBINATIONS – Depression Grey with:

White – You may be experiencing grief, sadness, or disappointment. This is a natural response to loss and will gradually pass with time. Be gentle with yourself and seek support to help you adjust. Like a grey overcast sky, the grief will pass with tears, almost as though your tears are like rain clearing the sky to bring sunshine again.

Midnight Blue – This combination signifies loss of energy due to trauma. Are you struggling with depression, post traumatic stress or grief due to the loss or death of a loved one? Consider seeking counselling to help you work through these issues.

Silver – Silver breaks up and disperses stale grey energy. If you have been feeling stifled, trapped or stagnant this is in the process of passing away and you will soon feel as though your circumstances are improving. Continue working with silver as this is a therapeutic colour for you.

Abundance Green – Your family and social conditioning may be negatively influencing your personal beliefs about money and abundance. Limiting beliefs about abundance can stop us from being able to embrace and create abundance. Think about adopting some new beliefs and attitudes that are more positive.

Watchful Blue – You may be withdrawing from the world slightly as you go through a period of valuable introspection and deep thought. This won’t always be a comfortable process but it can help us develop mindfulness and self observation skills that enable us to stand back from ourselves and see ourselves with clarity. Be honest with yourself but take care not to become pessimistic, negative or depressed.

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  1. Love your blogs Om, especially these colour ones, keeps me refreshed. I have started back with healings have been so humbled interpreting your cards they are an exceptional tool, Thank you love you xo

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