Pregnancy and Mother Gaia

I’ll always remember an aura reading I did many years ago. I was sketching a young lady’s aura. I don’t remember her name now but lets call her Anna. Anna’s aura was sprinkled with orange and sparkles of silver, the pregnancy colours. I also had a psychic vision of Gaia hovering above Anna in the spirit guide position. I could see this Mother Earth Goddess energy reaching out to make a connection with this young lady and the most beautiful story come through.

Gaia told me that she was delivering the spirit of the child into Anna’s womb. She explained that she was taking the child’s spirit through a consolidation process, gradually stepping its higher frequency energy down into a more solid form so that it could mesh in with the physical form being created inside Anna’s womb.

The image I had of Gaia was so beautiful. She looked like a mother nursing a child, dressed in green and blue robes. She had sparkles in her hair and lovely crows-feet laugh lines dancing about eyes that seemed to change colour with her mood.

Anna was happy to hear about what was happening in her aura. She had been trying to get pregnant for some time. I sincerely hoped I wasn’t mistaken in my assessment of her aura, because I didn’t want to give her false hope. Two weeks after the reading I received a phone call from her telling me that she had just had the pregnancy confirmed.

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