Silver in the aura


Colour Perception:

With incredible versatility and malleability, Silver takes on an enormous range of forms which are particularly useful to the psychic healer. Visually, silver can be elusive, tending to flash in and out of vision very quickly, like moonlight sparkling on water or lightning bolts crackling through the sky. To get the general feel for silver, think of moonbeams, twinkling stars, fairy dust, swords, scissors, needles, laser light, silver thread and silver coins. Some of these visual metaphors seem soft and magical; others seem sharp, fast and cutting. Silver, of course, is both.

Colour Characteristics:

Silver is an expression of sacred feminine power and magic. It is the polar opposite to Gold, an expression of the sacred masculine. The relationship between these two colours can be visualised as a yin/yang symbol with Gold representing white (yang) and silver representing black (yin). Alternatively, you might think of Silver as the Moon Goddess and Gold as the Sun God, an extroverted daytime colour that loves to be seen.


A mysterious, intangible colour of the night, Silver prefers to stay subtle and hidden. In fairy realms, Silver is the sparkle of magic used by fairies and magical creatures. In the spirit realm, Silver is the gleam of a blessing of magical assistance lent by guides and guardian angels. In the healing realm, silver is the quick flash of an instrument from the healer’s metaphysical tool box.

When Silver shows up in an aura spread, the power of magic and spirit has entered your life. Silver is ‘quicksilver’ in movement, often fleeting and fast, suddenly here and then suddenly not. It has the power to blast through apathy, blockages and obstacles that stop you from moving forward freely. Silver is generally a therapeutic colour in the presence of grey or dark colours, usually indicating a positive change for the better. Like a powerful silver sword, or a tiny pair of sharp scissors, Silver can cut through the ties that bind us to other people or the past in order to set us free and restore us to ourselves.

Softly mystical and moonlit, Silver welcomes us into otherworldly realms, blessing us with the magical assistance of otherworldly beings. When a fairy or spirit being comes to visit, they leave a tell tale trail of Silver in their wake. People who have a lot of magical visitors and invisible friends looking after them often exhibit silver streamers and sparkles in their energy field. Silver can also be erected by spirit or by your own magical intent to form a powerfully protective shield around your energy field. It also makes an excellent antiseptic for cleansing and purifying the aura and ones personal space.

Silver people can be light and fast in their movements and speech, or wispy and ethereal in a magical, otherworldly, perhaps even dreamy fashion. Never let this dreaminess fool you because they are usually sharper than they first appear to be. Silver people can be quick witted, clever folk who know how to steer people and circumstances in a subtle manner without anyone ever being any the wiser. Some Silver types have silver tongues and can convince you of just about anything with well chosen words and a soothing voice. Others have incredibly sharp and adroit minds or clever, quick and nimble fingers.

An excess of sharp, cutting Silver can reflect a colder personality. Some such types are high agile mentally. Disdainful of slower thinkers, they may play mocking mind or word games with people who may not even be aware they are being made fun of. Excessive Silver types can weave clever illusions to hide deception and slight of hand, making an art out of secrecy and deriving pleasure from appearing to be what they are not.

Too much diffuse magical Silver in the aura can reflect a lack of grounding due to excessive contact with the spirit realm. This can cause the physical body to weaken, especially the immune system. Whilst a rich inner world can often complement your outer world, it must never become more important, more immediate or more real. Activities which are too intellectual or overly reliant on the imagination stop us from developing a robust physicality that grounds us properly into the body and helps us engage with material reality.


Above head – The presence of Spirit is strong around you. The sacred feminine may have come to visit in the form of a Goddess. Stay open to magical assistance and guidance from otherworldly realms. Like a warrior on a steed of light bearing a magnificent silver sword, be sharp and attentive so you can identify the rot in your life and cut away what no longer serves you.

Head – You have a powerful psychic mind or enhanced mental clarity, focus and discipline. This may be the result of meditative or spiritual practices, which you are encouraged to continue with. If you are not already doing this, begin. You are seeing things very clearly and accurately at this time.

Throat – You are being sharp, clear and specific in your communications with others. Do you have a silver tongue, the ‘gift of the gab’ or a very fast way of speaking?

Arms – Spirit is assisting you in the realm of personal relationships and matters of the heart. Perhaps you need to break through an old pattern or set yourself free from old conditioned behaviour in a relationship. Consider doing a ceremony where you cut old ties that bind you to negative behaviours and relationships.

Hands – You may have recently taken some action that will create magical changes in your life and the lives of those around you. This colour is sometimes evident on the hands of healers after psychic healing work.

Hips – You have recently received healing. The healing may have come from spirit or a healer but it could also have come about through your own positive actions. This healing will liberate you and you will be able to move forwards in a more dynamic manner without feeling held back, blocked or frustrated.

Legs – Sudden, dynamic changes may be coming your way. Expect the unexpected. Your life may speed up or become more intense as all previous obstacles and difficulties fall away. This may be a period of intense personal growth or busy activity.


(using Om’s Aura Cards)

White – You may be experiencing sudden, dramatic and intense change, like a lightning bolt coming down from the sky to wake you up and shake you up. Sometimes the blast is entirely welcome, like a breath of fresh air. Other times it comes as an unwelcome shock. Read White for more insight.

Midnight Blue – You may be having powerful psychic experiences or perhaps you have a powerful psychic mind. You may have a psychic ability that puts you in contact with the ‘other side’ ie deceased loved ones or ghosts. This combination can reflect intense or disturbing dreams of a psychic nature, such as prophetic dreams, or dream visitations from spiritual teachers or deceased loved ones.

White and Midnight Blue – You have the presence of deceased spirits around you, probably because a deceased loved one is trying to communicate with you. If you have been talking to a deceased loved one, your thoughts and feelings are being heard. You may have a natural or trained gift for mediumship (communicating with the deceased).

Purple cards – You have natural psychic skills and an ability to communicate with spirit guides.

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