White in the aura


Colour perception:

White is all the rainbow colours have merged together as one. As a metaphor for collective wholeness, White can be thought of as our greater spiritual or quantum physics reality, where all of life is interconnected and made out of the same ‘stuff’. Stated in aura terms, White is the collective energy field from which all individual colours (energy frequencies) emerge and return to.


Colour Characteristics:

White can represent a very high, spiritual aura frequency, often due to contact with higher spiritual energies, beings and states. We all have our own personal names for higher spiritual energy, such as God, Goddess, All That Is, Allah, The Creator, Divinity, The Source, Spirit, Heaven, Nirvana, Enlightenment, Healing Energy, Angels and so on. People who wear this aura colour as part of their personality are spiritually aware, protected and healthy on all levels.

Having such a fine, high vibrational frequency, White is perfect for use in spiritual work as a cleansing and protective energy. High frequency energy transforms dense, low frequency energy, lifting it into its higher potentials. Meditating on White light when we are caught up in a negative mood or frame of mind can help us shift into a more positive state. And wrapping ourselves up in White light or rainbows, can make us feel safer.

Containing a seed of every rainbow colour within its frequency, White opens us up to our larger potentials and the wholeness of who we really are. White always brings change, inviting us to step out of old comfort zones to explore new ways of being, expressing and experiencing. As we transition from one comfort zone into another, there is a magical moment in between, where we are put into contact with the magic and mystery of the Divine. This moment is a potent, creative pause during which you can literally recreate yourself and your life anew.

Wherever we find this colour in our aura, our colour frequencies are in the midst of shifting from one colour two another. The end result will always be more positive, but the triggers that instigate change, along with our reactions to change, can seem negative or destabilising. Part of the challenge is to trust that you are being protected by spirit as you traverse through change. Like caterpillars transforming into butterflies, we are surrounded by the protective White cocoon of spirit.

The transitional nature of White can make us feel as though we are in limbo, neither here nor there. For some, this is an extremely uncomfortable and disorientating because there is no certainty and no control. And yet, this lack of certainty and loss of control is exactly what opens us up to new possibilities so we can grow. People who love change and adventure generally cope better with White phases than those who are afraid of the unknown.

Staying too long in one place, state or situation invites stagnancy, complacency and a resistance to change. If we do not instigate change for ourselves, change will inevitably come to us, simply because change itself is inevitable. White is always a change for the better, even when when this necessitates a letting go, or a death of the old in order for the new to be born. If you are having trouble coping with change, try leaning on the wisdom of other colours for balance:

Shaman Blue: Look at your situation differently because every event, however dark or difficult, has a hidden gift shining deep within it, waiting to be discovered.

Surrender Pink: Letting go and surrendering to the flow of inevitable change is easier than holding on to tightly and resisting change.

Aesthetic Green: Focus on what you can control and develop a healthy sense of command over these parts of your life, rather than trying to control what cannot be controlled.

Home Brown: Ground and anchor yourself into familiar or supportive territory whilst traversing change, by surrounding yourself with people, environments and activities that provide stability and comfort.


Above Head – You have a master guidewatching over you. A master guide has an extremely high vibration and will help lift you into your higher potentials. People who help others or have a wide ranging influence over others, often attract master guides.

Head – You are an open minded person or someone who is opening their mind to new possibilities, new ideas and new ways of thinking. You might be changing your mind for the better, seeing yourself in a more positive light, or thinking about making positive change in your life.

Throat – Your mannerisms and way of speaking may be changing. This is beneficial but may be unsettling for and others. You may be talking about making changes.

Arms – You may be experiencing changes in the sphere of personal relationships as old relationships end, people move away and new relationships form. Sometimes this happens because we ourselves are changing and these changes need to be supported by changes in our relationships.

Hands – You may experience a job change, promotion or temporary chaos at work while changes to staff or procedures are made.

Hips – You are going through deep cleansing and healing. As old wounds and negative behaviours are resolved, you will feel as though you can make a fresh clean start with less inner baggage to carry around with you. This can make you feel lighter and often comes after big changes, healing work or a dark night of the soul.

Legs – You may change direction and go through an extended transition period before settling down again.


Pink colours – You might be going through a change in a your relationships. Some people may be going out of your life, whilst others comes in.

Yellow colours – You may be studying. This could be formal education or self-directed research.

Blue colours – This combination can suggest a proximity to water. Perhaps you live or work near water (ocean or freshwater). You may have a passion for sports.

Brown colours – Are you planning a change of residency or have you recently moved? You may be stepping out of old comfort zones.

Red colours – You may have high physical energy levels, probably as a result of regular exercise or an exercise program you have recently begun.

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