Abundance Green Aura Colour

This article has been written with love for people who own a deck of Om’s Aura Cards. The capitalised words in italics refer to specific aura cards/colours. 


abundance green

Colour description:

Sparkling luminescent green

Keywords and image/s:

Butterfly wings, kingfisher feathers, openness, friendship, abundance, honesty, luck, wealth, flow, adaptability, positivity, optimism, opportunity, money, blessings.

Temporary Aura Colour:

 The aura frequency of Abundance reflects those magical moments in life when we seem truly blessed by circumstance. You might be experiencing a streak of good luck, or perhaps you have had an unexpected windfall or a very welcome pay rise. Windows of opportunity are opening up for you at the moment so keep your eyes open! Cultivating an Abundance personality can transform these brief flashes of good fortune into a ‘lucky’ personality, magnetic to abundance.

Abundance can also appear in your aura when you are spending money, but this is usually because you have plenty to spare. Perhaps you are learning to nourish yourself with luxuries you previously denied yourself! The only time this aura colour becomes unhealthy is when Hardship is present in the same spread. When these aura colours combine, money can easily slip through your fingers and drain away, usually due to over-spending or unwise financial decisions.

Personality Trait:

 When Abundance represents your personality, you are an optimist. You may have spiritual or philosophical beliefs that friendly, unseen beings or energies are assisting you. Your glass is half full, rather than half empty, and you trust life circumstances to unfold in your favour. This attitude helps you find blessings and opportunities in unusual places and situations.

If Abundance is the main aura colour around your head, it reflects an open-minded attitude. Recognising potential doorways of opportunity can come easily to you because you are open to possibilities, new ideas, and different perspectives. Being flexible and adaptable makes you a highly resourceful person. Your willingness to explore a wide range of possibilities provides you with abundant opportunities for health, wealth and happiness.

If Abundance is the primary aura colour around your upper torso and arms, you are open-hearted, generous, honest, reliable and fair-minded. Rather than judging people on outer appearances, you always try to look a little deeper. You probably find it easy to make friends and have fulfilling relationships. The flow of energy between your heart and the hearts of others, is generally fluid and open because you are emotionally honest with yourself and others. Other people often describe you as an open book: what you see is what you get, with no hiding behind pretence.

This aura colour is often worn by entrepreneurs, and by people who find it easy to make friends.

 Using this Colour for Healing:

Abundance can be therapeutic for you if you suffer from a poverty consciousness based on lack. This is very likely if you also have Depression in your Aura Card spread. Abundance comes in many forms. We are all rich in different ways. To attract more abundance, we can cultivate an ‘abundance consciousness’ by recognising the abundance we already have. This cannot occur when we are fixated on lack, jealousy or resentment. Being open-minded and open-hearted helps us become more aware of the blessings and opportunities that surround us. These opportunities become visible when we reach out and open up, but they seem to disappear when we shut the world out.

Is Insecurity Yellow also present in your Aura Card spread? Perhaps you consider yourself unworthy of the gifts the universe wishes to bless you with, you will not allow ourselves to receive them. If you have fixed ideas about how you ought to be blessed, you might find yourself disappointed. Be open to the blessings as they come. Preconceived ideas about what abundance is (and what form it should take) can blind you to true gifts from Spirit.

This colour can open your heart and your mind, releasing blockages in your aura, so it can flow more freely. When a blockage clears, it’s a bit like having old rusty doors inside you flung open. More light and love comes in through those doors and imprisoned parts of you are set free. This sets the stage for healing, forgiveness, trust and wholeness.

If you have an Aura Card Book, read the Generosity Green colour for insights into how to cultivate an attitude-of-gratitude, because Gratitude invites Abundance into the aura. Other aura colours which can encourage the presence of Abundance in your aura include Happiness, Gold, Silver, Resourceful and Playful. Abundance is a highly therapeutic colour, and very helpful for people wearing aura colours like Conservative, Defensive, Burdened, Insecurity, Resentment, Midnight and Depression. The presence of Abundance in your aura can also be reduced or negatively affected by these colours.

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