An Ode to Tomas

Tomas is my male spirit guide. Or one of them… but perhaps the one I know best. He makes himself hard to ignore, with his bright sunny smile and his insistence on being the centre of attention whenever there is a big enough audience. If you’ve ever watched me on stage making everyone laugh, that’s Tomas. He simply can’t resist playing the clown.

When we were first getting to know each other, he would drive me to distraction with his silly antics. At times I thought he was charming, with that mischievous twinkle in his eye and such beautiful dimples framing a lopsided grin. If that alone didn’t mesmerise me, his perfectly executed back-flips and handstands did. And I must admit to being just a little bit impressed with his rippling muscles. Lucky he had some redeeming features. If I lost my keys, left my wallet behind or missed the turn off to my destination and arrived late, you could be sure Tomas had something to do with it. He taught me to laugh instead of crying. Laughing is easier.

He always seemed to be making jokes and doing the most ridiculous, inappropriate things during moments that seemed very serious and sacred to me. During healings for example. When I remove toxic material and blockages from the aura, I can always count on Tomas being there, waiting at my shoulder with a bag of light for me to deposit the damaged energy into. Unless he is in one of his moods. Like the time he insisted I throw the blockages at him. Apparently pretending blockages are tasty lollies is a great joke and I was meant to be impressed by his ability to catch them in his open mouth.

It took me quite a few years to work out that he was a trickster or ‘lighten up’ guide, sent to teach me a sense of humour. Life, it seems, is not to be taken too seriously. Neither is healing.