Dark Brown in the Aura

I call dark brown ‘Conservative Brown’, because this word reflects the values and personality of a person wearing this colour. When an aura colour is a permanent feature of our aura, there from one day to the next, it can be thought of as a personality trait.

Aura colours can also be temporary phases we go through… in other words, the colour moves through our aura and then passes on. These temporary colours reflect situations, or passing moods, rather than more fixed personality traits.

Some colours in our aura reflect the personality traits of people around us. The aura colours of other people can rub off on us if we are spending time with them or being affected by them.

Conservative Brown

If this colour is currently moving through your aura:

You may be dealing with a male authority figure or family member who is being a little inflexible or over-bearing.

Issues to do with financial security and stability could be playing a strong role in your life at this time.

You are being cautious and sensible and may feel averse to taking risks or trying something new.

You may have become over-attached to a comfort zone and afraid to venture out into the unknown.

If this is one of your personal aura colours:

You are steady and reliable, with well-established routines you have probably been following for many years.

You have a gift for looking after material resources and making them last, rather than wasting them.

A tendency to be stubborn and dig your heels in can make you averse to trying new things or seeing things from the perspective of other people.

You may have more old-fashioned conservative values that make it hard for you to understand and accept modern attitudes and innovations.

You are good at saving for your future financial security and being frugal but sometimes you have trouble relaxing and spending for pleasure without feeling worried about wasting money.

You are very cautious and tend to play it safe, but at times you take this too far.

An excess of this colour in your aura can be balanced with:

White, for inviting in new changes and open-minded positivity.

Abundance Green, for opening the heart and mind and relaxing excessive frugality.

Wholehearted Pink, for opening the heart.

Harmony Purple, for being more tolerant and forgiving towards others.

Playful Orange, for developing a flexibility and a light-hearted sense of humour.

I am open-minded”

I am open-hearted”

There is plenty to go around”

Conservative Brown can be used therapeutically to enhance grounding, but it is a very dense, heavy colour and only small doses are necessary. Safer alternatives are Home Brown and Strength Red.